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Leveraging technology to transmute your Business Applications

We're born in tech and built for business.

We create integrated digital experiences with speed and agility while continuously innovating to create business value - making you digitally and future-ready.

Experience A Connected Tech Ecosystem and boost your Return on Investments with our innovation-led application services.

We help you link your enterprise with its suppliers, business partners, and customers by integrating your core business processes from sales, accounting, finance, human resources, and inventory, to manufacturing and logistics.


Xaana + Microsoft

The Xaana and Microsoft alliance delivers on the promise of Collaborative Intelligence by leveraging Xaana’s deep experience in sophisticated product developments, and consulting services with Microsoft’s scalable, enterprise cloud platform and digital technologies.

Xaana and Microsoft help clients accelerate digital transformation with advanced solutions that support enterprise strategy; create new, data-driven business models; build intelligent, automated operations; and bring confidence that these innovative solutions are secure, compliant and trusted. 


Xaana + SAP

We work with SAP end-to-end, from product blueprinting to development and delivery. Together, we are transmuting the future of business. ​

We help you experience the full potential of your SAP application portfolio by unbolting the power of intelligence, innovation and industry expertise.


Xaana + SAP Concur

The winning combination for unlocking the endless possibilities of your Spend management application. 

Xaana helps jumpstart your transformation, innovate and extend your capabilities with preconfigured solutions and accelerators 


Xaana + TechnologyOne

Powerful experiences that reinvigorate growth and provide a roadmap to success.

We help our clients achieve their business and industry goals by solving their most complicated challenges. We reimagine enterprise resource planning.


Xaana + eInvoice

Becoming data-driven starts with defining what really matters to the business, and empowering it to achieve value, faster. 


We work closely with you to provide you with a solution that makes PEPPOL invoicing an integral part of your business culture meeting all your requirements and those of your customers, too.

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