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Case Study

Our Consumer Goods & Services Client Standardises International Expense Management with SAP Concur® + ENIGMA

Xaana harnesses SAP Concur® + ENIGMA to help automate organisation-wide expenses in one integrated platform.

Call for change

Recent events such as the Australian bush fires, pandemic, global and domestic supply chain disruption, changing consumer sentiments, China’s import restrictions on recycled materials, and Australian international border closures induced a period of high uncertainty for many areas of packaging demand and posed challenging times for packaging and recycling industries.

Driven by this chain of events, our client was keen to rethink its corporate application stack and find products that would ensure stable cash flows and healthy balance sheets for its various packaging categories companies while remaining resilient to navigating these challenges.

Our client was looking for a solution that would help manage their complex global spending requirements, allowing for more effective ways to manage organisation-wide expenses, request reimbursement and gain visibility into their data, and increase policy compliance and adherence to the new business processes in one, integrated platform.

Before using Xaana's integration platform, our Consumer Goods & Services partner had difficulty in viewing total spending which led to inaccurate budget planning and forecasting. They lacked a central expense management system. This led to decrease in compliance and employee satisfaction.

"By automating processes and connecting systems, employees are now more productive which has led to a smoother process for Finance teams in the organisation"

- Project Manager

Purpose-Driven Partnership

"We wanted to create one expense management platform to manage organisation-wide expenses, request reimbursement, and gain valuable insights along with increasing compliance and adherence to company policies"

- Project Manager

The Xaana team provided customised SAP Concur solutions to show spending by the employee - accrued credit card transactions and expense reports allowing our client's management teams to view total spending and avoid possible blind spots in their budget planning and forecast. Xaana’s Integration platform integrated with the SAP Concur solution and other back-office HR Systems- SuccessFactors, and ERP systems – SAP ECC, provided our partner seamless, end-to-end workflow automation. The Xaana team implemented the integrated SAP Concur solution using its Global Template Approach which standardised the functional design elements such as the Approval workflow process, Expense policy types, audit rules, accounting structures, cross-charging, and allocations while adapting to different languages, currencies, and tax structures.

Early in the program journey, both Xaana and our client's project team members took the necessary time to set up governance and a core model that could be deployed throughout the operating sites.

During the design workshops, the Xaana team worked with our client's executives and project members to review the spending policy and define the financial and accounting core system model that could be adapted to each country, with a strong focus on the financial part (tax rules, group policy, and charts of accounts) for international deployment.

To ensure user adoption, the Xaana team guided our client with the best practice setup and in making informed decisions to fully utilise the potential of the SAP Concur product and creating and delivering persona-led custom functional training and user guides.

Making an Impact


increase in operating efficiency due to touchless processing


reduction in operating costs​


spend optimisation

Our client has seamlessly created a smoother process for their Finance and HR teams by directly integrating SAP Concur into it's SAP ERP (ECC) and HCM (SuccessFactors) systems. They now have a single platform to ensure stable cash flows and healthy balance sheets for its various companies.

Our client chose to implement SAP Concur Mobile which also turned out to be a real plus for its users. The Mobile app provides its users with the flexibility to connect and submit claims from anywhere and at any time. This gave employees an efficient expense management and reimbursement experience.

With SAP Concur's audit capabilities, VISY now has the tools they need to effectively enforce its employee spend policy. As a result of this improved policy enforcement, employees are more aware of the corporate policy. 

Talk today to our Sales team to know how we can help your organization move forward in your Spend Transformation journey.

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