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Artificial General Intelligence Institute (UAGI)
Preparing for the
AI Epoch ​

By incorporating a vision towards consciousness, we aspire to create a future where humanity thrives beyond our current imagination. Our aim is to contribute an AGI that is not only aligned with human values but also deeply cognizant of the intricacies of human consciousness, fostering a harmonious coexistence between advanced AI and the humanity.​

April 26, 2023

Xaana  (UAGI): Preparing for the AI Epoch

The Launch of the world’s first Artificial General Intelligence Institute, a new era of Education Begins - Preparing the world for AGI.

Today marks a monumental milestone as we jubilantly unveil the launch of the Xaana Artificial General Intelligence Institute (UAGI). UAGI is an avant-garde educational nexus designed to forge the future of human-AI synergy, empowering our learners with the acumen, prowess, and proficiency to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of artificial general intelligence (AGI). With a stellar assembly of faculty and a dynamic, interdisciplinary curriculum, UAGI will redefine the boundaries and stands at the forefront of this revolutionary technology.​

Our Vision

Our aspiration at UAGI is to foster a new generation of leaders, trailblazers and visionaries who will spearhead the ethical, sustainable, and responsible development and implementation of AGI.


Hyper-futuristic Interdisciplinary Learning

UAGI's unparalleled interdisciplinary paradigm converges diverse fields of study, encompassing computer science, cognitive science, ethics, philosophy, and beyond, to impart a holistic understanding of AGI. Our programs offer learners an extensive array of courses, delving into the technical facets of AGI development while probing the ethical and philosophical ramifications. Graduates will emerge with a robust foundation in machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and computer vision, as well as an appreciation of the wider societal implications of AGI.​


World-Class Faculty and Research Opportunities

Our extraordinary faculty consists of luminaries in the realm of AGI, amalgamating a treasure trove of erudition and experience from the academic and industrial spheres. UAGI students will have the exclusive opportunity to collaborate with and learn from these vanguards, engaging in ground-breaking research endeavours that transcend the frontiers of AGI development.​


Industry Symbiosis and Career Opportunities

UAGI is devoted to preparing its students for a thriving career in the exponentially expanding field of AGI. We have forged formidable alliances with leading technology conglomerates and research institutions across the globe, endowing students with unrivalled prospects for internships, co-op placements, and employment opportunities post-graduation. Our dedicated career services collective also provides personalised assistance and counsel to help students make enlightened decisions regarding their professional trajectories.

UAGI for Defence

The UAGI is responsible for facilitating engagement between the academics and partners across government, industry and the defence community. We are the only Artificial General Intelligence academic institute centered around research areas such as cyber security, space, systems engineering, artificial general intelligence, generative AI, and Defence-related public sector technology management studies. In collaboration with our local and international partners, we have a critical role to play in translating world-class defence and national security research into transformational solutions with enduring impact. We invite our partners, both prospective and current from industry, government and the community, to explore the expertise on offer and look forward to exploring opportunities for collaboration, innovation and impact. 

Corporate Learning Solutions

The development of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) technology is expanding at such an exponential rate that organisation's are constantly exposed to increased risk and reduced operational effectiveness in this highly technical environment. UAGI's training encompases not only the core technical elements but also the principals of ethical deployment and use of AGI.

UAGI suite of next-gen courses will ensure your organisation is future ready and operating in in a safer, more secure technology environment and also be able to harness both their people and technology potential.  Through our faculty, with an unrivalled combination of academic knowledge and industry experience will ensure organisations are able to develop a comprehensive grasp of the core principals, latest advancements, cutting edge breakthroughs and real-world applications of AGI.

To ensure your organisation is not left behind or exposed to unnecessary risk, please contact us for more information on our training as well as our research and partnership opportunities.  

The Future Starts Now

As our world teeters on the verge of a novel technological epoch, the inception of the Artificial General Intelligence Globe Academy signifies a quantum leap in the pursuit of AGI education and research. With our preeminent faculty, cross-disciplinary curriculum, and unwavering commitment to fostering ethical and responsible AGI development, UAGI is poised to play a linchpin role in sculpting the future of this transformative domain.​

Register your interest now to embark on this journey in shaping the future of technology Together, we will traverse the boundless potential of AGI and catalyse a new epoch of human-AI symbiosis.​



Our curriculum is meticulously crafted to endow students with a comprehensive grasp of the core principles, latest advancements, cutting-edge breakthroughs, and real-world applications of AGI.​

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