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Automate all of your invoices. Deliver better solutions. 

Accounting in businesses is challenged by the slow, expensive, and error-prone processes that are submerged in manual data entries or traditional OCR and have not yet experienced advanced AI technology. 

The cognitive data capture ability of today’s advanced AI enables data extraction from documents with great efficiency, efficacy, and credibility. This automation reduces human effort, thereby increasing the likelihood of employees using their valuable competency elsewhere. 

Furthermore, the innovation in e-invoicing directly affects many other business processes like compliance, transactional security, relationships with vendors and other stakeholders, early payment schemes, restructured workflow planning, and a significantly lower cost of errors. 

Automate Your Invoices - Xaana.Ai

At Xaana, we help you view eInvoicing not just as a mere government obligation but rather as an opportunity to revolutionize your entire Procurement Process and take a holistic approach to eProcurement. We have developed our services considering the business needs of end-users and the regulatory authorities of electronic invoicing to deliver the best implementation experience and guide you with the global best practices of adopting the PEPPOL Framework.

Electronic invoicing is changing the way we do business

We do e-Invoices differently

We offer plug and play cloud services for PEPPOL, allowing you to exchange PEPPOL documents easily.

Our services are independent of the ERP system or Access Point provider you use. We continuously comply with the highest regulatory standards and pass ongoing audits to ensure our cloud solutions provide you with the safest option to exchange and legally archive your invoices. We provide advanced features for eInvoice services.




We provide you with our full-featured Sandbox environment to validate the solution and eInvoice flow from corner 1 to corner 4 of the PEPPOL framework.



Our easy-to-use RESTful API with OpenAPI 2.0 specification allows you to connect to the PEPPOL network instantly.



We support all international eInvoice formats. We automatically convert your sent eInvoices into the format desired by the recipient so you can send or receive the eInvoices from anywhere in the world.


We provide you with smart analytics with low latency and intelligent reporting features so you can monitor, audit and check logs in near-real time for both inbound and outbound eInvoices and avoid the risk of any fraudulent or malicious invoices.

Xaana.Ai + Peppol

Xaana + Peppol

Peppol enables businesses to electronically exchange documents (such as invoices) quickly, reliably and securely. All you need to do is connect once with Peppol - to reach all the buyers and sellers within the network, now and in the future.

Transform the way you do invoicing.

Transmit, receive, and process your invoices electronically - all in one place. 

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Invoice cycle times by over 50%

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Processing costs by over 50%

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99% accuracy on all your inbound and outbound invoices

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Ensure security, invoicing, and tax compliance everywhere you operate


Digitalise your outbound invoice flow

Effortlessly upload invoices from one or many source systems & apply your Department/BU specific rules​. Send electronic/digitally signed invoices from anywhere in the world; segregated by unique identifiers - ABN/GST/VAT/Location. Monitor end-to-end invoice transmission, track and trace the status of invoice receipt including the reason for failure and handle exception management in the easiest way.

Unlimited, Fast, and Reliable Inbound & Outbound eInvoice Service powered by Xaana

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Access to Peppol

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Instant notifications

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Real-time insights

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Digitalise your outbound invoice flow

Connect to and receive supplier eInvoices or Credit Notes from millions of senders worldwide.​ Receive invoices for multiple entities with multiple unique business identifiers. Create your organization specific validation and compliance rules before invoices are accepted and ingested into your ERP/FMIS.

We offer plug and play cloud service for PEPPOL,  through which you can exchange PEPPOL documents easily that follow the global and local taxation authority regulations. Our services are independent of the ERP system used so you can connect instantly and start receiving eInvoices directly in your accounting systems.

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Promoting paperless & borderless trade

We partner with certified PEPPOL Access Point and Service Metadata Publisher (SMP) providers. Registered with the Local PEPPOL and Taxation Authorities, our solution supports all global invoice formats.

xaana Ascos
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5 architectural pillars of our eInvoice solution.

Operational Excellence

Availability & Reliability

Performance Efficiency

Cost Optimization

Safety & Security

Powerful features to supercharge your invoicing capabilities

Some of our amazing features that will help your business boost efficiency, optimise cost and gain control over invoicing.

Data Security - Xaana.Ai

Secures your data

All your data is backed up in real-time an stored safely in the cloud, so you can work from the office or on-the-go.

Expense Capture - Xaana.Ai

Capture expenses 

Snap a photo of your receipt and let ENIGMA2.0 reconcile it with your bank transaction. 

Compliance - Xaana.Ai

Friction-free compliance

ENIGMA2.0 lets you report directly to the ATO, so you'll always be Single Touch Payroll compliant. 

Integration - Xaana.Ai

Seamless integrations

ENIGMA2.0 connects to all your enterprise systems with out of the box ERP and 3rd party solution integrations

Collaboration - Xaana.Ai

Easy collaboration

Connect easily with all of your suppliers. Manage communications, transactions, issue resolution and a lot more.

ROI - Xaana.Ai

Maximise your return

Approval workflows, invoice matching rules and payment options that keep your buyers and suppliers happy.

Alignment - Xaana.Ai

Alignment with financial processes

Flexible configuration options which tie together eProcurement, budgets and invoice matching to simplify your AP processes. 

Analytics - Xaana.Ai

Spend analytics

Spend reports provide data on invoice matching and tolerance, early payments and discounts.

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