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Xaana.Ai + Peppol

Transforming the landscape of eInvoicing

Peppol Implementation - Xaana.Ai

Worldwide, governments have been implementing e-Invoicing mandates, and Peppol has widely become the chosen standard and framework to do so. The Australian and New Zealand governments have committed to a new initiative for cross-entity e-Procurement and have selected Peppol as the framework for e-Invoicing.

    In Australia, the common e-invoicing standard is Peppol, which is an internationally established standard. The Peppol standard allows invoice exchange between different accounting systems. 

Peppol enables businesses to electronically exchange documents (such as invoices) quickly, reliably and securely. All you need to do is connect once with Peppol - to reach all the buyers and sellers within the network, now and in the future.


Connecting to Peppol

To access the Peppol network, you need to connect to a certified Peppol Service Provider. 

Xaana can help! Xaana is a certified Peppol Service Provider  (a Peppol Access Point Provider and Service Metadata Publisher).

Xaana is registered with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), and the New Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (NZ MBIE). Our solution has also been used and validated by the Australian Government Services Australia.


Peppol infused with Xaana’s AI technology 

Introducing the world’s most powerful eInvoice platform.

Xaana's end-to-end eInvoice solution for digitising your procurement processes:



If you are still unsure about whether to connect to Peppol or not, Xaana can help. We start by understanding – we analyse your business processes, business rules, IT architecture and organisational context. Following our analysis we determine and advise you on whether Peppol e-Invoicing is the right fit for you - we will provide you an options paper and our detailed recommendations.



To access to the Peppol network you need to connect through an accredited Access Point. Xaana can provide you this connection. Xaana’s Access Point can accept invoices from any authenticated party, anywhere, and comes with an in-built monitoring solution so you can view all the metadata coming to and from your Access Point. Our Access Point Is accredited by ATO and MBIE, and validated by Services Australia.



Peppol participating organisations need to publish their receiving capabilities (such as their delivery addresses, business processes, document types supported, and more) using a Service Metadata Publisher.

As a registered Service Metadata Publisher, Xaana can handle the bulk of this registration process for you.



One of the most pervasive challenges for organisations is integrating and connecting their systems. Xaana can help, we can connect your Peppol e-Invoicing solution to any ERP system, FMIS or invoice management software, using Enso. Enso is our secured, AI-driven, software agnostic integration platform - built on intelligent process automation with the ability to easily cater to new requirements as they arise.



To enhance your e-Invoicing automation, Xaana can help you implement Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technologies such as SAP Concur to complement your Peppol solution. Xaana is a SAP Concur implementation partner and our Access Point integration solution can be deployed to your organisation’s Concur solution almost instantaneously.



When you partner with Xaana, you will be connected to our team of industry-leading support experts and our support portal (the Xaana Ark). We will provide ongoing support to ensure that our solution meets your needs, and our dedicated support team will resolve any issues that arise. We can efficiently liaise directly with other Access Points on your behalf to resolve issues.  

Peppol solution details
Xaana Peppol Benefits
Xaana's Peppol Solution

Why Xaana's Peppol Solution?


Cyber Security

We guarantee message confidentiality – our solution is security on both the transport and application level, and our access point only accepts messages from authenticated parties. 


Seamless Updates

We anticipate changes so that you do not have to - we stay ahead of alterations in the Peppol framework and our solution encompasses seamless updates to ensure it is up to date with the latest requirements. 


Traffic Monitoring

Our Access Point comes equipped with an in-built dashboard to enable monitoring of all the metadata that is passing to and from your system. 


Ensure Compliance

Our team will gurantee compliant operations - our solution is compliant with tax legislation across both Australia and New Zealand, conforms to the A-NZ-PEPPOL-BIS-3.0 specification, and is based on the AS4 protocol.


Software Agnostic

With our Integration solution, Enso, you can connect your Peppol solution to any ERP system, FMIS, invoice management and automation software.


Extensive Support

We provide a dedicated support team and access to our support portal to ensure that you have ongoing support, and all issues are resolved as promptly as possible. 


An Australian Solution

Xaana is an Australian company, with all our solutions made in Australia, ensuring local compliance and all data hosted within Australia.


Government Experience

We understand the Machinery of Government, our team of industry leading experts have years of experience working with Federal and State governments in Australia & New Zealand. 

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