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Revolutionizing your digital journey

Use our integrated technologies and platform solutions. 

Our aim as an AI leader is to help you move beyond cost-cutting to enable enterprise agility by reducing human error, automating repetitive tasks, and unburdening your employees to drive true human ingenuity.  

Automation for your people, technology, and processes

Multiple Systems - Enterprise Automation - Xaana.Ai

Multiple systems

Complex Systems - Enterprise Automation - Xaana.Ai

Complex integration

End-to-end Enterprise Automation - Xaana.Ai

End-to-end enterprise automation

Multiple organisations have ERP programs which involve streamlining of business processes associated with hundreds of separate ICT applications into one SAP S/4HANA system, with the intent of enabling better governance, faster processing and lower maintenance and support costs.


Functional areas where applications and processes are in scope for the program are: finance, human resources, supply, maintenance, engineering, procurement and estate.

This implementation requires complex integration and end-to-end process automation. Xaana offers the end-to-end enterprise automation platform, Enigma2.0 which has cutting edge technology for eInvoicing and iOCR.


Automate manual processes

By automating an organisation's processes, especially those processes that have traditionally been handled manually, significant improvements can be made in:

Efficiency - Xaana.Ai


Streamline and speed up internal processes by reducing manual entry and request handling.

Accuracy - Xaana.Ai


Reduce errors by eliminating manual data entry, adding checkpoints, and running compliance audits.

Audibility & Accountability - Xaana.Ai

Audibility & Accountability

Provide verifiable evidence that a sequence of tasks or activities have been performed as expected and address exceptions.

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