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Stop wasting time and resources, automate accounts receivable

Manually processing invoices in today’s time is not only redundant and outdated but also depletes the value of human resources deployed in AR. If you are still conducting your AR traditionally, you are at a higher risk of human errors, leakages, and silos.


By automating this process, you can benefit from a reduced cost of automation, improved speed and efficiency of AR, forecasts of cash flow, and a standardized process for the future of your business. 

Accounts Receivable - Xaana.Ai

What is accounts receivable automation?

Accounts receivable automation — or AR automation — is the process of automating your accounts, which are otherwise done manually, with software so as to save time, reduce cost, retain value and minimize errors and leakages.

The transition from a cumbersome process of manual accounts receivable to an automated and streamlined array of electronic systems reduces the repetitive, mundane, and time-consuming tasks. 

By an end to end AR automation, from credit management to invoicing and reconciliation, we are able to optimize each step in the process. As businesses are moving towards paperless operations and virtual setups, automation is the only future that exists. 


Reduce costs

Because time is money, eliminating lengthy manual AR procedures immediately results in savings. Costly procedures, including credit evaluation, manual print and post, manual PDF-over-email invoicing, payments reconciliation, dispute resolution, and collections, are all replaced by AR automation. 


Utilizing AR automation boosts productivity, enhances the efficacy and efficiency of AR, empowers IT professionals, and does away with the expense of paper bills.

Reduce Costs - Xaana.Ai
Efficiency - Xaana.Ai


Improve efficiency

AR teams may accomplish more as AR invoice automation drastically cuts the time it takes to process paperwork and payments. 


By eliminating the needless time spent emailing and uploading documents to client invoicing portals, customer registration can be streamlined from weeks down to days. 


By automating your invoice distribution, you may increase productivity and boost your business's profitability by adhering to delivery timetables and using extremely specific guidelines.


Increase accuracy

Automation of AR enhances data integrity and real-time response while handling multiple clients and complex systems by eliminating human error from the process. 


Xaana makes it simpler for you to take advantage of early payment savings, improves internal controls, enhances quality, and greatly minimizes and even eliminates errors like duplicate payments, overpayments, and fraudulent payments. 


By AR automation with Xaana, your company stands at minimised risk, optimised cash flow, and controlled expenditures. 

Accuracy - Xaana.Ai
Working Capital - Xaana.Ai


Improve working capital

Xaana's accounts receivable automation solutions offer guaranteed and fixed DSO on all receivables, shaving days off DSO and eliminating delinquency.


By replacing manual processes, you can eliminate late payments due to disputes and reduce bad debt.

How to implement accounts receivable automation?


Even though the advantages of automating accounts receivable are obvious and evident, many firms will find it challenging to devote the time and money required to achieve automation. Through two service options, Xaana enables businesses to implement AR automation quickly, easily and affordably. 

Xaana Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP)

Automate the creation and delivery of AR in any imaginable format, whether printed or electronic, and manage through a single intuitive interface. 


To simplify setup, onboarding, and management, Xaana EIPP provides a managed service solution so you can focus on your business and let EIPP handle the AR.


When your scope of migration and solutions is above and beyond document delivery and payment handling of EIPP, we go the extra mile and manage your automated AR with ManagedAR. 


Xaana ManagedAR integrates people, processes, technology, and supply chain across your AR automation to deliver guaranteed DSO reduction, timely payments, enhanced working capital, and eliminated bad debt.

ManagedAR - Xaana.Ai

Get Started with Xaana Automation 

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