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Work at the Heart of Innovation

Xaana aims to be a special place to work – somewhere that genuinely feels like a community, not just a company. We are proud that our welcoming culture encourages talented people to work on the most interesting, challenging work of their careers. Whether you work with us as an intern, one of our permanent staff or as one of our clients, our hope is that you’ll enjoy being part of a team of passionate, pragmatic people who are all exceptional at what they do.


We look for solving the most pressing issues that we can identify – those that endanger not only organizations but also the individuals they support. At Xaana, we aim to create a world where governmental institutions, businesses, and non-profit organizations can all be empowered to operate as intended—fulfilling compliance safely, providing consumers with business value, and distributing help to those who need it most. If you align with our vision, there's always a role here for you - whether you're just starting your career or have years of experience. 

Our Core Value

We believe in Collaborative Intelligence (CINTEL) to move beyond machines replacing people or automating their jobs and instead focus on maximizing the benefits of using human capabilities, rich data, and artificial intelligence. With our Collaborative Intelligence (CINTEL) mindset, we believe that institutions and people today can simplify problems, particularly those of a complex, changeable, and difficult-to-define context, to join us in becoming resourceful for positively impacting the world.

What we do 

We are the developers of Artificial intelligence products driven by human ingenuity.

Our goal is to provide the world’s most seamless experience for working with real-time data, one that enables people to gain insights into their dynamic environment: To achieve this, we create platforms for organizing, managing, and securing data by layering industry-standard applications on top of a fully integrated human-driven and machine-assisted analysis.

We are problem-solvers on a value-driven mission.

At our offices, we possess diverse practical experience in distributed systems infrastructure, big data processing, user experience design, project management, and data science. Whatever their role, all Xaana members combine an uncompromising problem-solving mindset with a strong focus on adding value to the community. 

Where we're heading 

Organizations around the world are calling upon Xaana to help them do their most critical work.


Technology should deliver fast, critical, and accurate updates that can enable informed decision-making. Xaana believes that the difference between success and failure comes down to speed, visibility and security. Through our solutions, we believe that humanitarian groups can direct important resources to communities affected by disasters more efficiently. Officials in charge of public health can monitor and halt the spread of hazardous illnesses. Information security experts can fight intellectual property theft, and oversight agencies can monitor user behavior to prevent misuse or abuse of sensitive data. 

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