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Case Study

Inspiring Better Core Business Systems: TechnologyOne® + ENIGMA

Xaana helps transform customer experience with our Financial Services client through APIfication and cloud transformation.

Call for change

Xaana partnered with a Financial Services partner to create a platform to drive innovation with cloud technologies supported by analytics and help companies make critical decisions with confidence. The existing operational cost of managing the legacy infrastructure was significant. The Financial Services industry needed to modernise the application platform securely and make it scalable and flexible to support new services rapidly. It needed an optimal path to modernise and secure applications in the cloud to deliver innovative products.

The sector will be replacing several of its aging business applications with a single solution. Transitioning to a Microsoft Azure cloud-based environment was also in line with Australian Government policy that will allow our client to deliver contemporary online services and mobile access for its customers and streamline their internal customer service and product management processes.

“We set out with an ambitious goal to digitally transform core Finance operations to an as-a-service model, to achieve a quantum leap in cost savings, scalability, efficiencies, agility, and other key factors.”

- Chief Information Officer

Purpose-Driven Partnership

"With the CBS program, we want to use our technology and systems to ensure we provide the best possible experience to our staff and our customers"

- Program Manager

After assessing the application and infra ecosystem, Xaana implemented the use cases as a pilot on our client's internal environment, developed a pattern for migrating apps, and migrated more than 10 products to Azure Cloud. This resulted in the migration of 20 services and decommissioning of more than 30 virtual machines.

With Xaana's help, our Financial Services client is on its path to building greater agility, accessing new features quickly, and delivering the business impact that will benefit its end customers.

The Infrastructure Cloud Transition project is being implemented to allow our client to take advantage of the rapid advances in cloud-based services. This transition will bring reduced costs, increased productivity and deliver more agile digital services, allowing our staff to better serve our customers.

Making an Impact


increase in operating efficiency due to touchless processing


reduction in operating costs


spend optimisation

Talk today to our Sales team to know how we can help your organization move forward in your Spend Transformation journey.

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