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Meet the new standard in
automation & analytics.

Xaana.Ai was built by a team of passionate people in technology to help you save time, effort, and resources.

AI-Driven Process Automation


We deliver solutions for complex business problems to our customers by combining human ingenuity with machine learning, leveraging ‘good data’, and providing a decision advantage to our customers.


We empower our customers by using our intelligent data platform, enterprise automation and continuous enhancement of its capabilities.


Xaana creates synergy between the human mind, machine intelligence and data -the perfect catalyst for a better tomorrow.

Founded in 2019, we embedded the spirit of machine learning and deep neural technologies into our DNA - the result is an AI-driven integration and analytics platform that focuses on digitally advanced organisation needs.

We saw a massive opportunity - up to 80% of all the integration and analytics requirements in the world qualify for AI-driven technologies.

Today, hundreds of businesses use Xaana.Ai to work smarter, integrate solutions quicker, reduce inefficiencies, and much, much more.



transactions integrated in the past year



countries world-wide



supported platforms


Our Core Values

We’re committed to becoming a trusted long-term technology partner for our customers.

Driven - Value 1 - Xaana.Ai

Driven: We work hard and fast, leading by example.

Integrity - Value 2 - Xaana.Ai

Integrity: We act with unwavering honesty and ethics in everything we do.

Results - Value 3 - Xaana.Ai

Results: We let our work do the talking and exceed what's expected.

Ready to take your organisation to the next level?

We'll help you turn your processes into seamless digital experiences.

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