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Data and AI 
Consulting Services

Data & AI Consulting

Unlock the true value of your data. Take AI from SCI-FI to real-world Enterprise-Critical Decisions.

Transformation is being transformed —from one-off initiatives to an urgent, purpose-driven imperative. Every significant enterprise in the world now requires data and AI platforms capable of allowing both technical and nontechnical workforces to model and make sense of the reality in which we live. In every industry and area, enterprises are on a critical transformation trajectory investing in data integration and machine-learning to deliver exceptional digital experiences and insights across their entire enterprise.

Xaana.Ai is dedicated to helping every enterprise embrace technology, realise value for money and overall become an information-driven enterprise making evidence-based decisions from the boardroom to the front line, resulting in improved business processes and outcomes. We want to work together, create together, grow together and rethink what’s possible together.

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Data-Driven Mehodology

At Xaana, we provide a data-driven methodology to measure the efficacy of data and AI strategies, enabling clients to discern the tangible benefits of their investment. With many certified specialists driven by curiosity and excitement for the unsolved, our Data & AI consulting team is replete with a diverse cohort of data scientists, software engineers, business analysts, functional consultants, and project managers who collaborate closely to deliver comprehensive solutions to clients. The interdisciplinary approach ensures that you receive well-rounded, multidimensional, and effective guidance and support.

With Xaana.Ai, you can easily decode technical jargon and understand how insights can fuel confident, fact-based decisions. Our comprehensive data and AI consulting services align your data strategy with a forward-thinking architecture, incorporating governance and autonomous management considerations. We help you establish the necessary structures and processes to convert data into a strategic asset, aligning data capture and analytics within critical streams of the organisation. Equipping you with big-picture insights and new thinking, enabling you to solve technology challenges, seize disruptive opportunities, and foster growth led by innovation with confidence. No matter where you are on your data and AI journey, partner with Xaana.Ai to deliver consulting solutions you can trust.

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Our Capabilities

Data Strategy - Design a data strategy to support your enterprise strategy. Configure and extend data for all functional use-cases, including financial analytics and reporting, data science, digital and operational. Become a data-driven organisation and put your data to work as a competitive advantage with a data fabriq architecture. Provide users access to the right data at the right time where it resides.

Data and Cloud modernisation - Cloud-native data and AI platforms deliver insights at scale and at speed, but the transition is often difficult and complex. By using delivery accelerators, along with numerous assets developed through cloud alliances, we help you simplify and speed up implementation of these platforms. Transform and migrate your data on any cloud, including application and infrastructure partners like AWS, Microsoft, SAP or TechnologyOne—helping to seamlessly modernise, drive adoption and measure performance.

AI & advanced analytics - Empower your business with the latest advances in AI, machine learning and automation to support the full data science lifecycle—from preparing and exploring data to building, deploying, managing, monitoring and comparing models for your specific use cases, keeping you always ahead of the curve. 


Visualisation at scale - Transform critical data from supply chain, finance, talent and sustainability data into valuable insights using Business Intelligence visualisation tools such as Tableau, and Microsoft Power BI with our certified experts. 

Our Capabilities
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Large Language Models (LLM) AI - Drive faster omnichannel experiences, while reducing operation costs by integrating ChatGPT or Google Bard in your organisation ecosystem. Experience intelligent workflows and automation together with real-time data to deliver automation you trust for customers and employees.

AI and Machine Learning at scale - Xaana.Ai can help you run, maintain and scale AI and machine learning (ML) solutions from pilot to production. Adopt a framework to guide your journey and accelerate your time to value. Digitise and automate workflows with AI to create touchless processes that automate tasks and empower a modern, hybrid workforce.

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Data and AI Consulting As a Managed Service

Digitise and automate workflows with rich data and AI solutions to create touchless processes that automate tasks and empower a modern, hybrid workforce. We help you understand the impact of AI and together explore the art of what's possible through our tried and tested rapid prototyping and proof of concept. We don't just design and develop AI and ML solutions, we offer a full lifecycle managed AI service including hosting of models, retraining and model performance checks, as well as software engineering tasks to integrate custom-built solutions to your particular use case. 

Data Management and Governance Data management foundations and governance structures are crucial for maintaining healthy data assets. We help you design and implement practical data management strategies that deliver incremental value and trusted insights for your stakeholders. Today, AI is powering important insights and automation across every department, industry and sector. With this accelerated adoption and use of AI comes an elevated risk related to data security, inclusion and ethical accountability. However, when AI is implemented in an experienced and transparent manner, there are important outcomes and values that everyone realises. Our specialists provide ongoing support and management of your data, automation solutions, AI and machine learning models throughout your technology lifecycles – including infrastructure, tools and security.

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