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Update from Dan Saldi, Our Founder

Our Stand on Collaborative Intelligence

Update from Dan Saldi, Our Founder

28 April 2023

Our conviction is that the destiny of humankind ought to be shaped by humans themselves, with a strong emphasis on disseminating information about our progress to the public. Developing AGI demands diligent scrutiny and public engagement in crucial decisions.

The advent of the first AGI will mark a milestone in the landscape of intelligence. We anticipate continued progress, possibly maintaining the pace witnessed over the past decade for an extended period. In this scenario, the world could undergo profound transformations, accompanied by extraordinary risks. A misaligned superintelligent AGI or a totalitarian regime with a significant superintelligence advantage could both bring devastating consequences.​

AI with the capacity to propel scientific advancements is a unique and potentially impactful aspect. AGI that can accelerate its own development may trigger major changes with surprising swiftness. We believe that a gradual take-off is safer, and collaborative efforts to decelerate AGI development during pivotal moments will likely prove essential to allow society to adapt.​

The successful transition to a world with superintelligence is one of the most critical, inspiring, and daunting endeavours in human history. The high stakes, encompassing both immense potential gains and losses, should motivate our collective efforts.​

By incorporating a vision towards consciousness, we aspire to create a future where humanity thrives beyond our current imagination. Our aim is to contribute an AGI that is not only aligned with human values but also deeply cognizant of the intricacies of human consciousness, fostering a harmonious coexistence between advanced AI and humanity.

Dan Saldo


Dan Saldi

Founder & Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) Developer

Xaana.Ai and Turium.Ai 

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