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Xaana.Ai + SAP
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SAP Logo - Xaana.Ai

We build, extend, integrate & resell solutions with SAP

Co-Innovating for Growth - Xaana.Ai

Co-Innovating for Growth

Our comprehensive solutions and certified integrated partner apps create a value-driven ecosystem, jointly exploring new ways to develop solutions to address critical and emerging customers’ needs.

Collaborating at Scale - Xaana.Ai

Collaborating at Scale

As registered resellers of SAP, we sell, implement and support many Intelligent Automation solutions, collaborating with multiple engagement models and delivering outcomes jointly.

Co-Investing for Future - Xaana.Ai

Co-Investing for Future

We are a certified implementation & build partner of SAP, working with them to ensure alignment on how to meet customer expectations and maximise positive business outcomes.

BTP - Xaana.Ai


We package artificial intelligence (AI), analytics & other workflows to deliver your business-centric requirements. Our ABAP consultants develop custom extensions on SAP BTP, ensuring interoperability with SAP.


We also enable the creation of replicable industry-specific solutions by building integrations to your non-SAP systems as well. 

SAP Analytics Cloud - Xaana.Ai


From the beginning of the SAP Analytics Cloud journey, our consultants have helped develop a proof-of-concept and integration approach.


We leveraged design conscious thinking and agile development to quickly deliver an easy-to-use application in a short time frame.

Integrations powered by SAP CPI - Xaana.Ai


We package artificial intelligence (AI), analytics & other workflow automation components to deliver to your business centric requirements. Our ABAP consultants develop custom extensions on SAP BTP.


This ensures interoperability with SAP while enabling the creation of replicable industry-specific solutions by building integrations to your non-SAP systems. 

Rise with SAP - Xaana.Ai


We believe your digital transformation is more than just a technical implementation of SAP S/4HANA and the move to the cloud. We place equal importance on transforming existing business processes for the digital age and developing completely new processes.


We take care of the most essential aspect of your transformation journey - your people.

eInvoice for SAP - Xaana.Ai


Improve the speed and accuracy of your accounts receivable and payable with our unique integrated suite of intelligent and automated eInvoice application for SAP.


Easily implement the newest innovations using machine learning in the cloud or collaborate online with your vendors, customers and business partners using our smart eInvoice portal.

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How clients benefit

Xaana & SAP, better together

How client's benefit

Xaana helps you to proactively manage your procurement using SAP business technology platform

Traditionally, procurement has focused on supplier rationalisation, bundling to get the best pricing, and building lean, just-in-time supply chains.


In light of recent disruptions caused by COVID-19, this approach simply won’t cut it anymore. Procurement must pivot towards agility, resiliency, and risk reduction. 

We help you navigate your dynamic business environment to revolutionise your procurement functions

SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) is a unified, business-centric platform that helps companies become intelligent enterprises through improved agility, versatility, and speed.

Xaana utilises this powerful platform for its integration, extension, and data-to-value capabilities. We seamlessly connect your SAP and third-party applications to adapt and respond faster to disruptions, while managing procurement operations proactively.

One solution, many benefits

Scalable Solution - Xaana.Ai


Xaana supports Access Point  ‘as-a-service’ that plugs into your existing SAP systems and scales up to meet your growing business requirements.

The underlying architecture of our solution enhances the capabilities of your accounting teams - improving performance, reliability, and availability at all times.

Safe & Secure - Xaana.Ai


With our app listed on the SAP app center, we help you connect to SAP web services with required authentications.

We ensure all of the data exchanged for eInvoice is sent over secure (TLS) connections running only on HTTPS, and internal network links (between service tiers, databases, and caches) are all encrypted at the transport layer.

Easy to Use - Xaana.Ai


Our solution supports all global invoice formats, generated from your source data via just one API connection.

Our easy-to-use RESTful API with OpenAPI 2.0 specification allows you to connect to the PEPPOL network instantly.

Integrated Ecosystem - Xaana.Ai


Our integrated eInvoice solution helps you receive eInvoices directly into your SAP.


We connect you to your ERPs or banking institutes so that master data (vendor, invoice, and payment confirmation) is easily replicated.

Low Latency Analytics - Xaana.Ai


Our embedded solution in SAP allows you to extract any required eInvoice data, audit logs, and run data analytics supporting low latency reports or customise dashboards. 

We provide a Sandbox developer environment for free testing with many legal entities to test sending and receiving eInvoices.

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How we help

What we do and how we do it

How we help

Our 3 pronged approach helps streamline bottlenecks of your procurement landscape and deliver the digital transformation required for next generation Procurement Processes

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Building your case for change

We work with you to assess the digital maturity of your procurement processes and identify opportunities for process automation and improvement. Our consultants provide deep insights and best practices that help you build a business case for change. We then work to engage your senior leadership to support the initiative and drive the agenda for adoption in your organisation.

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Embracing data & analytics for process automation

We use data and analytics to help you make informed spend decisions across your organisation. Our expert consultants from our Spend Management Practice work with you to gain visibility into your procurement processes such as vendor performance, master and transaction spend (e.g. invoices, payments) visibility, tracking quality of goods or services, and invoice reconciliation and matching. 

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Unlocking the power of AI


We help your Procurement functions to accelerate their digitisation plans and be better placed to steer your organisations through disruption, protecting your businesses and driving future success. We use AI/machine learning, robotic process automation (RPA), and predictive analytics for you to gain rapid insights. This helps in informed decision-making, leaner processes, and automation to boost speed and agility.

Learn how you can streamline your procurement processing, reduce operational costs and gain greater control over your spend with Xaana and SAP BTP

Accelerate your move to the cloud

Experience the joint power of Xaana and SAP to extend the on-premise SAP HANA landscape to the cloud with expanded capacity (compute & storage) to begin your cloud journey.

Centrally store and manage all your data

Manage all your data in a single solution with multi-tier data storage including in-memory, warm disc memory, and a petabyte scale data lake.

Simple access layer to all your data

Advanced virtualisation capabilities combined with flexible data storage and process options provide you with a single gateway to all your enterprise data.

Analytics at your fingertips


At Xaana, we work closely with you to bring you a high-performance in-memory database powered by SAP HANA that provides advanced analytics on multi-model data, on premise, and in the cloud.

Integrate data from across your enterprise

Connect to distributed data with native integration. Develop applications and tools across clouds, on premise, and store volatile data.

Gain trust in your business data

Tap business-ready information by creating one source of truth and enable security, privacy, and anonymisation with enterprise reliability.

Experience the power and performance of SAP HANA with the scale and elasticity of the cloud

As a result of the pandemic, it is now more important than ever to prioritise the safety of your business travels and re-evaluate the travel ecosystem while reinforcing policy compliance and protecting your bottom line. The joint solutions from Xaana and SAP are bolstering, augmenting, and redesigning the digital experience of business travellers.

SAP HANA Cloud database combines the power and performance of SAP HANA with the scale and elasticity of the cloud.

With multi-model support and an integrated petabyte scale data lake, SAP HANA Cloud provides a single gateway to access all data sources and types.

Our pre-built eInvoice solution for SAP helps you to digitise your accounts receivable and accounts payable processes and achieve an end-to-end invoice automation capability.

Our ready to plug-in app helps you integrate your SAP instance to an access point for connecting to the PEPPOL network instantly. 

With Xaana, onboard instantly to the eInvoice solution for SAP

eInvoice - Xaana.Ai

Delivering digital experiences seamlessly

Xaana powered integration solutions for SAP provide near real-time visibility and control of spend management, faster processing and posting of financial data while maintaining your organisation's data integrity and network security.

Our deep integration expertise helps us connect SAP with everything to unlock the value of your entire corporate application portfolio.

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Every cloud analytic feature you need


Analytics and business intelligence

Self-service data modelling and preparation

Set key performance metrics, dimensions, hierarchies and automate data wrangling to gain deeper insights.

Data exploration and visualisation

Discover insights and inspire audiences with interactive visualisations and data stories by slicing and dicing data, regardless of volume size.

Augmented analytics

Go the last mile of data-driven decision-making with machine-generated analytics and insights.

What-if simulation

Simulate any scenario and visualise the impact of decisions for better business outcomes.

Analytics & Business Intelligence - Xaana.Ai

Enterprise planning

Predictive planning

Anticipate business needs and quickly pivot with predictive forecasting and machine learning tools.

Extended planning and analysis

Plan across all lines of business by combining transactions, analytics, and planning with SAP S/4HANA, SAP SuccessFactors, and SAP Integrated Business Planning.


Collaborate across plans on data points, reports, and stories with comments and group discussions across web and mobile.

Scenario planning

Create and modify versions of a planning model for data-driven budgeting, forecasting, and analysis from one cloud interface.

Enterprise Planning - Xaana.Ai

Design and look

Design & Look - Xaana.Ai
Composable Analytics - Xaana.Ai

Composable analytics

Compose analytics applications – from guided analytics to sophisticated planning and smart applications.

Flexible Design - Xaana.Ai

Flexible design

Tailor analytics and planning applications to meet unique business requirements across the organisation.

Rich Functionality - Xaana.Ai

Rich functionality

Pull from all capabilities – business intelligence, augmented and predictive analytics, and planning – and custom widgets to design functionally-rich applications.

Business Centric Solutions - Xaana.Ai

Business-centric solutions

Empower business users with low/no-code application design and transition from a technology-driven agenda to business-centric solutions.

High Application Developer Productivity - Xaana.Ai

High application developer productivity

Increase application developer productivity with a library of reusable widgets, flexible and modular APIs, and open connectors.

Prebuilt business content

Prebuild Business Content - Xaana.Ai

A simplified starting point for your individual scenarios

Leverage end-to-end and customisable packages, tailored to work with recommended SAP data sources across lines of business.


Industry best practices

Benefit from industry best practices for analytics and planning from SAP business process experts.


Rapid setup and results

Leverage end-to-end and customisable packages, tailored to work with recommended SAP data sources across lines of business.

Analytics catalogue

Unify access to all your analytics content, including prebuilt SAP BusinessObjects, Business Intelligence Suite, and third-party solutions, on your home page.

Sustainable Enterprise - Xaana.Ai

Become an intelligent, sustainable enterprise with embedded analytics

Get timely, relevant information into the hands of decision-makers. By embedding analytics into existing applications for lines of business, you can act on relevant insights immediately and with confidence to increase overall business efficiency.

Improve your ESG reporting and sustainability

Help deliver environmental, social, and economic impact with actionable insights and efficient reporting.


Analyse and report key business performance metrics on sustainability

Deliver automated, timely, and auditable ESG reporting according to established regulations, standards, and ratings


Monitor financial, operational, and sustainable business performance at a level of granularity which allows decision making and targeted actions


Drive targeted action by giving business units a dedicated view on their sustainability performance

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Our numbers

The tangible benefits of a better experience

Ou numbers

Together, Xaana and SAP utilise embedded intelligence and automation to help you realise a significant return on your investment while helping you manage your spend risks and violations.



of global transactions touched by SAP​



increase in expense report efficiency



compliance to spend management policy​



YOY revenue growth scaled by operational efficiency




in average estimated yearly savings

Case study
Case Study - Xaana.Ai

Case study

Extending and automating processes - from suppliers to the department, to the back office.

Xaana + Health Case Study

Working with Experts to Infuse Intelligence into Finance Processes and Experiences SAP® + ENIGMA

Xaana implements SAP & ENIGMA to harness change and enhance user experience and automation

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