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Xaana AI has embedded the spirit of machine learning and deep neural technologies into our DNA- the result is an AI-driven automation and analytics platform that focuses on digitally advanced organisation's needs.

ENSO provides a clear, concise, and simple API powered by deep learning. It makes it easy to prototype, build, and test AI-driven integration models. Request to get access to ENSO™

Zero ETL and Unlimited Scalability

Xaana AI relies on Xaana's memory-centric storage that brings massive scalability for ML and DL tasks and eliminates the wait imposed by ETL between the different systems

Anatomization of a neural network

 Xaana is trained to recognize patterns. It is composed of layers, including input and output layers, and at least one hidden layer. Neurons in each layer learn increasingly abstract representations of the data. 

The Intelligent AI Driven-Automation and Analytics Platform

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