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Building a high-impact partnership

We believe partnership is the lifeblood of technology. Working together to create a future worth sharing is core to what we do. We are pioneers in working with SAP Concur to create products, services, and experiences that help our clients create meaningful change.


Co-Innovating for Growth

Our extended solutions and certified integrated partner apps create a value-driven ecosystem, jointly exploring new ways to create solutions to address critical and emerging customers’ needs


Collaborating at Scale

As registered Resellers of SAP, we sell, implement and support many Intelligent Automation solutions, collaborating with multiple engagement models and delivering outcomes jointly

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Co-Investing for Future

We are a certified implementation & build partner of SAP Concur, working with them to ensure alignment on how to meet customer expectations and maximise positive business outcomes

Intelligent spend management solutions

Our solutions complement SAP Concur products as part of our end-to-end offering for Intelligent Spend Management. We integrate and automate all spend-related activities from source to settle so that your buying happens as intended and your suppliers get paid in compliance with contracts.



Provide an effortless digital experience to your employees by implementing an expense management solution. We do so by leveraging AI and machine learning to automate routine processes. 

See all your data in one place and stay on top of costs even when organisation spending changes. 



Accelerate your business with digital documents. Capture and automate paper and electronic invoices, and integrate payments into a single system for managing all of your spending.

Our integrated Invoice solutions give you the power to automate, connect, and simplify your AP processes so you can keep up – and jump ahead when the opportunity strikes.  



Our integrated travel and expense solutions help you with more than just savings.


Our solution helps ensure that your employees make travel decisions according to policies reflecting business needs, safety, and sustainability without worrying about the TMCs or online booking tools.



Use our digital App to integrate your SAP Concur instance, streamline approval workflows, reduce the risk of fraud, and improve the payment cycles for your suppliers.


Get greater visibility with eInvoice with our low latency dashboards and reporting portal that provides accurate insights and analysis

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How clients benefit

Xaana & SAP Concur, better together

Manage all your spending, wherever and whenever it happens

How client's benefit

Connect all your spend data in a single system

Experience the joint power of Xaana and SAP Concur Expense to integrate all your expense data into a single system so you can manage your spending end-to-end.

Give your financial teams more control

Get complete visibility into your total spend and the transparency to see every detail of each transaction allowing you to manage budgets more effectively, forecast more accurately and achieve corporate compliance.

Manage expenses from anywhere with the mobile app

While your employees can capture and attach receipt images to expense line items, their managers can review, approve or reject expense reports from their smartphones. This leads to enhanced user experience, faster approval and claim process along with a more productive workforce. 

Implementations made easy

At Xaana we work closely with you to make your SAP Concur expense implementation process easy so you and your entire team can focus on what matters most for your business.

Quicker reconciliations

Our experienced consultants guide you to get the most out of your SAP Concur investment. We help you capture all your company’s credit card data from corporate cards to purchasing cards and centrally-billed cards—so you can quickly and accurately reconcile spending and understand where your organisation's money is flowing.

Better connectivity & advanced integrations

Our pre-built integration between SAP Concur and other ERPs, CRMs, human resources and accounting systems gives your team a timely, accurate and complete financial picture, empowering you to make better and more informed business decisions. 

Digitise and automate your invoice & billing process


Capture invoices electronically & save hundreds of hours processing invoices manually​

Capture eInvoices or use OCR technology to turn paper invoices into electronic files, so you can save your accounting team's time spent processing invoices and reduce the risk of errors or double-payment.

Graphic Chart

Effectively time your invoice payments

When you’ve got greater visibility, it’s easier to track and control when you make payments—or even capture early payment discounts—freeing you to more effectively utilise your cash on hand.

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Triple-checked for accuracy & fraud control

We help you implement SAP Concur Three-Way Match automating the time-intensive and error-prone process of matching invoices, POs and goods received. Everything you pay for is automatically verified against everything you receive and mismatched figures, errors and exceptions are flagged before payments are made to your suppliers.

Learn how you can streamline your vendor invoice payment processing, reduce operational costs and gain greater control over your accounts payable.

How we help
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How we help

What we do and how we do it

Experience the business travel solutions for the post-pandemic era

The pandemic has made it necessary to prioritise the safety of your business travels and re-look at the travel ecosystem while reinforcing policy compliance and protecting your bottom line. The joint solutions from Xaana and SAP Concur are bolstering, augmenting and redesigning the digital experience of business travellers.

Better connectivity

We help you manage your entire ecosystem by integrating with the tools you already use to optimise travel management.

TMC agnostic solutions

Our solutions are integrated with global travel & expense giants such as Amadeus Cytic, allowing you and your employees the freedom to choose any preferred TMC provider.

Mobile-friendly features

With the mobile-enabled features of SAP Concur Travel, your business travellers can take pictures of receipts on the go.

Regulation & compliance

Our seamless bi-directional integration with travel management companies allows employees to book flights and accommodation while complying with the expense rules and policies of the company.

Reduced manual entries, risk of errors and fraud

Our solution allows your finance teams to retain control and visibility over your travel investment across the entire booking and expense process to avoid inaccurate expense reimbursements.

Up to date travel itinerary

We help you provide on-trip support to your business travellers with near real-time synchronisation of data between SAP Concur and your organisation's preferred TMC.

Our pre-built eInvoice solution for SAP Concur helps you to digitise your Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Processes and achieve an end-to-end invoice automation capability.

Our ready to plug in App helps you integrate your SAP instance to an access point for connecting to the PEPPOL network instantly. 

With Xaana, onboard instantly to the eInvoice solution for SAP Concur



Xaana supports Access Point  ‘as-a-Service’ that plugs into your existing SAP Concur systems and scales up to meet your growing business requirements.

The underlying architecture of our solution enhances the capabilities of your accounting teams - improving performance, reliability and availability at all times.

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With our app listed on the SAP Concur app centre, we help you connect to SAP Concur web services with required authentications.

We ensure all of the data exchanged for eInvoice is sent over secure (TLS) connections running only on HTTPS, and internal network links (between service tiers, databases, and caches) are all encrypted at the transport layer.

Xaana 3way match


Our solution supports all global invoice-formats, generated from your source-data via just one API connection.

Our easy to use RESTful API with OpenAPI 2.0 specification allows you to connect to the PEPPOL network instantly.

One solution, many benefits

Xaana 2


Our integrated eInvoice solution helps you receive eInvoices directly into your SAP Concur and connect you to your ERPs or banking institutes so that master data (vendor, invoice, payment confirmation) is easily replicated.

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Our embedded solution in SAP Concur allows you to extract any required eInvoice data, audit logs and run data analytics supporting low latency reports or customise dashboards. 

We provide a Sandbox developer environment for free testing with many legal entities to test sending and receiving eInvoices.

Delivering digital experiences seamlessly

Xaana-powered integration solutions for SAP Concur provides near real-time visibility and control of spend management, faster processing and posting of financial data while maintaining your organisation's data integrity and network security.

Our deep integration expertise helps us connect SAP Concur with everything to unlock the value of your entire corporate application portfolio.


Our Credentials

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Xaana Concur Apps
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Our numbers

The tangible benefits of a better experience



of global transactions touched by SAP​



increase in expense report efficiency



compliance to spend management policy​



YOY revenue growth scaled by operational efficiency




in average estimated yearly savings

Together, Xaana and SAP Concur utilises embedded intelligence and automation to help you realise a significant return on your investment while helping you manage your spend risks and violations.

Case study
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Case study

Transforming Spend into an intelligent portal solution that guides people to the right channels, seamlessly and intelligently.

Xaana + Retail Case Study 2

Intelligent Spend Management with SAP Concur® + ENIGMA

Xaana adopts SAP Concur + ENIGMA to harness change and enhance user experience and automation

Take the leap

Take the leap and
let's build something great together

Talk to us about how we can help your organisation to reduce procurement costs, improve spend efficiency, monitor and control workflows, and regulate compliance with SAP Concur.

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