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Case Study

Intelligent Spend Management with SAP Concur® + ENIGMA

Xaana adopts SAP Concur + ENIGMA to harness change and enhance user experience and automation.

Call for change

Experience through COVID-19 shows the Retail industry enabled rapid responses to changes in customer behaviour and operating environments – focusing on maintaining momentum and an agile approach.

This established a renewed set of key priorities for the sector ‒ developing a market-leading data and digital ecosystem, investing in platforms for long-term growth and accelerating the pace of continuous improvement.

The move to SAP Concur’s Guided Buying capability on SAP’s cloud solution marked the beginning of a journey of creating a new generation of procurement. The program team’s initial challenge was to deploy the Guided Buying capability on SAP Concur Buying and Invoicing across our client's organisation to transform the buying process. From there, the team needed to determine how to innovate further to evolve procurement capabilities to become more streamlined, intelligent, and value-producing for our Retail client.

“We are transforming Spend into an intelligent portal solution that guides people to the right channels - seamlessly and intelligently.”

- Project Manager

Purpose-Driven Partnership

"Our vision, to drive new value for organisation, involved the application of innovation and digital technologies"

- Project Manager

Our Retail client's leadership wanted a single solution with the best-in-class functionality and ability to scale with future prospects to roll out to its subsidiaries. A system that would impose a new set of processes for reviews, approvals and reimbursements.

They needed to integrate with multiple systems yet provide a single enterprise view. The solution also had to offer user-friendly features for both employees and buyers, while also enhancing efficiency. Any new platform needed to provide labour-saving procurement processes that could reduce timelines and the risk of delays. The goal of these changes was to diminish backlogs and fulfilment times for employees and buyers. By establishing a better system, our client could confidently launch in new markets.

Making an Impact


increase in operating efficiency due to touchless processing


reduction in operating costs​


spend optimisation

The project has helped our client go beyond managing spending to unleashing real-time insights and intelligence to make more informed decisions and connect all enterprise functions—multiplying value while lowering risk. 

It has streamlined accounting processes while delivering an excellent customer experience with timely invoices, payments and reports. Our client's vision is now scaled up to replicate the success of other Group subsidiaries. Now our client's team works efficiently, freeing up their time and energy needed to tackle new challenges and expand into markets across the region.

Talk today to our Sales team to know how we can help your organization move forward in your Spend Transformation journey.

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