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Xaana Ai Named as SAP Concur's 2022 A/NZ Delivery Partner and Distinguished Partner of the Year

Xaana Ai, a leader in artificial intelligence and data solutions, announced today it has been named a 2022 SAP Concur A/NZ Delivery Partner of the Year and Distinguished Partner Award winner. The Partner Awards program honours SAP Concur partners that exhibit ongoing excellence and industry leadership. Xaana stands as SAP Concur’s leading partner for global projects, consistently delivering the highest volume of successful implementations, integrations and AI app enhancements deeply embedded within SAP Concur year after year.

​“The awards are a direct reflection of our organisational commitment and strong Partnership with SAP Concur. At Xaana, we understand the importance of leveraging technology as a force multiplier. Our innovative solutions empower businesses to optimise processes, streamline operations, and achieve remarkable efficiency gains. Our enduring alliance with SAP Concur enables us to deliver enhanced value to customers, offering them complete visibility through our implementation, integration and AI intelligent solutions embedded deeply within the SAP ecosystem.” - ​ Dan Saldi, CEO of Xaana.Ai

SAP Concur evaluates its partners based on four key pillars: creating a positive impact on their organisation and/or customers; initiating growth or innovation; driving organisational and/or customer adoption and success; and effective utilisation of SAP Concur solutions by an organisation and/or its customers.

Our deepest gratitude goes out to our Xaana SAP Concur team. Their unwavering commitment, technical expertise, and tireless pursuit of excellence have been instrumental in driving us to this industry-leading position.

At Xaana Ai, we uphold the belief that collaboration fuels innovation. Our symbiotic relationship with SAP Concur has led to the creation of innovative products, services, and experiences that enable our clients to leverage data-driven insights, streamline their business processes, and offer them decision advantage. Our extended solutions and certified integrated partner apps within SAP Concur are part of a value-driven ecosystem that pushes the boundaries of what's possible.

For more information about Xaana's SAP Concur solutions, please contact us

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