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Torrens University and Xaana.Ai shaping the future of AI education

Xaana.Ai is officially partnering with Torrens University Australia to chart a new course in AI education— one that’s deeply rooted in the real-world application of cutting-edge artificial intelligence.

"In a world teeming with continuous technological leaps, our educational systems must evolve at the same pace, if not faster, Our partnership with Torrens University Australia is a strategic step toward this evolution, aligning our AI expertise with the university's academic excellence." - " Dan Saldi, CEO of Xaana.Ai.

Our vision for this partnership is crystal clear: to develop an immersive learning ecosystem that not only disseminates knowledge but also enables students to apply AI in transformative ways. By engaging directly with Xaana.Ai's projects, Torrens University Australia students will gain a rare perspective into the intersection of AI and quantum technologies with the pressing needs of government, defence, and enterprise sectors.

Darryn Melrose of Torrens University Australia commented, "We are so excited about this collaboration and the opportunities it presents for both organisations. Importantly, it aligns with our commitment to provide our students with industry-relevant education and practical experience as part of their studies"

VP of Xaana.Ai, Matthew Andrews adds, “Our aim through this collaboration is to bridge the gap between academia and industry, combining academic rigour with real-world applications to empower the next generation of AI innovators.”

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