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5 Reasons you should opt for eInvoicing

The digitising of invoicing process brings many workplace efficiencies and operational productivity gains both for your organisation as well as your suppliers. Of the the many benefits the e-invoicing brings to the suppliers and the buyers the below stands out the most

The e- delivery network of PEPPOL allows you to send and receive electronic invoices directly and securely through your accounting system, helping you minimize the risk of fake or compromised invoices.

E-Invoices allows you to deliver faster, more accurate, and complete data, supporting real-time business decisions for cash flow, procurement.

The E-invoice help reduce manual handling and the re-keying of information by your accounting team leading to fewer incorrect or lost invoices.

E-Invoices helps you achieve your Organisational sustainability goals by eliminating paper, using less energy, and resources, and minimizing physical storage space helping you reduce the carbon footprints of your organisation.

The faster processing and payment of invoices with E-Invoicing will result in huge cost savings. Government Statistics estimates that it is approximately 70% cheaper to process an E-Invoice than traditional paper or PDF invoices; saving your finance team many important hours currently spent manually entering invoices.

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