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Announcement from Dan Saldi,  Our Founder

Unveiling Zebra: World's First Human AI Twin

Announcement from Dan Saldi, Our Founder

28 September 2023

Why Hasn't Generative AI Truly Transformed Our Enterprises Yet?

I.  Problem

Every major enterprise worldwide is striving to harness the capabilities of large language models in a manner that's consistent with the regulatory and legal frameworks. They realize the efficiency of using available Large Language Models but face significant challenges when implementing Generative AI solutions for their complete enterprise. 

At the most foundational level, software provides an interface, a means of interacting, between the human brain and a computational machine. There has always been some degree of friction in translating the desires and creative instincts of a human operator into direction that a computational system can understand and apprehend.

Existing generative AI solutions often present a one-size-fits-all approach, lacking the depth and flexibility required to cater to your needs, your role, and your industry. Most of these solutions operate in isolation, tethered to a single provider application. They lack the capability to access our complete enterprise data or integrate with the entire productivity stack that businesses rely on daily. This glaring oversight is what we identified as the most significant barrier to truly integrating Generative AI into our daily workflows. Not to forget, many solutions often lack robust enterprise access controls, compromising the security and integrity of business data. 

II.  Introducing Zebra AI

With Turium Zebra, our Twin AI solution, our vision is to harness the power of your data to serve you better, to understand your unique challenges, and to tailor solutions that augment your capabilities. Every piece of information, every interaction, is used to refine and enhance your productivity. We're committed to ensuring that the AI truly understands and acts upon your specific needs, while also providing the enterprise-grade security, sovereignty, and integration capabilities that modern businesses demand

The development and refinement of large language models alongside our existing software-defined integration capabilities and domain models fit for industries has opened up a whole new way of interacting with AI that has never before existed. This technology will ultimately allow not only thousands but hundreds of thousands and even millions of users to interact with and get the most out of their everyday productivity application stack that until now have been functionally invisible to most people.

We will be releasing our Turium Zebra, AI Twin Platform, which combines the full power of Enterprise AI solutions for customers across commercial sectors, including the aviation, manufacturing, energy, banking, mining, pharmaceutical, and automotive industries, as well as to government partners, including defense and intelligence agencies. 

Turium Zebra will allow customers to leverage the power of our existing machine learning technologies alongside the increasingly sophisticated natural language processing capabilities of the newest large language models, as a standalone application or directly in our existing platforms, Algoreus and Enigma, which are now home to some of the most valuable privately held and industry specific data repositories in the world. Including many of the Fortune 500 companies and critical government institutions. 

There has been significant discussion regarding the alignment, or perhaps lack thereof, between artificial intelligence systems and the values of the society that has constructed such systems and within which they must operate. From the start, we have built our software solutions on the premise that granular access controls, which constrain which specific users can access what data and under which conditions, as well as limitations on the ability of a system itself to access data across an informational network, were essential not only to the efficacy of the systems themselves but to their adoption and acceptance by the public.

III.  Zebra AI Enterprise Features

Turium Zebra offers many enterprise features, such as: 

Enterprise-grade Security and Privacy: Your data remains yours. We do not train on your business data, ensuring utmost confidentiality. All interactions are encrypted, and we are proud to be SOC 2, DISP, IRAP-protected compliant. Zebra is deployed in your VPC or hosted by Turium with role-based access controls, ensuring your proprietary data, PII, and model interaction history is kept secure. Comprehensive and scalable sensitive content detection, including red teaming, that is tailored to your policies and enterprise.

Unprecedented Performance: Turium Zebra removes all your usage caps, and performs up to two times faster than traditional generative ai applications. It allows both technical and functional teams to analyze information in seconds. With Zebra you can create, code,  summarize, analyze, collaborate, query, and automate all your actions. The applications are endless, the possibilities, are  limitless.

Customization: Tailor to your organization's needs, connect Zebra to your entire productivity stack, not just a single application, or cloud infrastructure but your entire suite of applications: SAP, SalesForce, TechnologyOne, Microsoft 365, Github, Slack, ServiceNow, and so much more on your chosen cloud. With pre-built enterprise connectors. 

IV. What Next
We will be making our Turium Zebra solution available to an exclusive group of customers in the coming weeks. It allows companies and government agencies to harness the power of the latest large language models by adapting their natural language processing capabilities for use with privately held and structured datasets. The demand that we are seeing from the market for this new platform reflects the depth of the unmet need within institutions for intelligent and effective enterprise software. We are working towards a broader release of the software and will be accelerating our timelines significantly. 

In the meantime, I invite you all to come see the platform in action, at our official launch in Canberra.

Hope to see you all there as we unveil the World's First Human AI Twin: Zebra! 

Dan Saldo


Dan Saldi

Founder & Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) Developer

Xaana.Ai and Turium.Ai


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