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Java/Python Developer Internship

Canberra, ACT, Australia

3 - month contract


About the Role

  • Assist with designing and implementing functional requirements

  • Assist the existing team of developers to build efficient backend features in Python and or Java

  • Assist with testing and bug fixes

  • Supporting with the preparation of technical documentation as required

  • Implement software enhancements and suggest improvements to Xaana’s products


  • Undertaking a degree in a related Discipline e.g Master of Computing ect

  • Work experience as a Python or Java Developer

  • Experience in at least one Python framework (like Django, Flask ect) OR

  • Experience in at least one Java technology e.g Spring (including Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, and Spring Data) and Hibernate frameworks.

  • Experience with Machine learning and deep learning, including library-based or from the scratch

  • Knowledge of object-relational mapping (ORM)

  • Familiarity with front-end technologies (like JavaScript and HTML5)

  • Good problem-solving skills

About the Company

Xaana.Ai is a global AI enterprise with leading capabilities in digital, cloud, and data science. We are writing a new chapter in human history by unveiling an unprecedented AI-driven process automation platform to the world. We believe in Collaborative Intelligence (CINTEL) to move beyond machines replacing people or automating their jobs and instead focus on maximising the benefits of using human capabilities, rich data, and artificial intelligence.

Are you passionate about the future of Artificial Intelligence?

We’re launching a product globally that will disrupt the market. You will be joining a dynamic team of performance-driven individuals, backed by the most advanced technology the world has ever seen.

At Xaana, we seek out passionate, talented, aligned individuals and hire the best people from around the world, to ultimately empower them to do what they do best. We pride ourselves on our ongoing innovation, continuous improvement, dedicated customer service, and cutting-edge solutions that make a real difference in the world. We aim to create a world where governmental institutions, enterprises, and non-profit organizations can all be empowered to operate as intended—fulfilling compliance safely, providing consumers with business value, and distributing help to those who need it most; today and tomorrow.

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