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Case Study

IT Expansion and Modernisation with SAP Concur® + ENIGMA

Our Manufacturing client boosts future IT expansion and modernisation with Xaana's API-led solution.

Call for change

Absence of an automated solution for Accounts Payable

Previously, our Manufacturing client's Finance team relied heavily on paper-based invoices from suppliers. They wanted a solution to reduce manual touchpoints which would help increase user experience for their Finance team and suppliers where invoices would be processed seamlessly. They wanted to make sure their master data was kept up to date with a smooth transaction flow between SAP Concur and their ERP - SAP S/4 HANA.

After using Xaana’s integration platform and SAP Concur, our client was able to automate several workflows and seamlessly processed all invoice data. Xaana also updated its Manufacturing partner's architectural design and configuration that was necessary to deploy these integrations.

"Unified the Finance team and digital core system with invoice data that mattered most - facilitating instant, real-time and actionable insights"

- Project Manager

Purpose-Driven Partnership

"Xaana is ingrained in the way we process invoices and expenses at our organisation. It has enabled faster and more transparent information sharing across our teams, improving employee engagement and ultimately reducing costs"

- Project Manager

Reduced costs of developing, testing, deploying and maintaining data interface

Our Manufacturing client achieved significant savings by using Xaana’s pre-configured integration solution. Automatic updates from invoices unified their Finance team & digital core system with invoice data that matters most – facilitating actionable  insights.

Our API-led approach allowed them to abstract data across multiple underlying systems - providing agility and shielding their organisation's technology stack from future changes to other systems.

Making an Impact


increase in operating efficiency due to touchless processing


reduction in operating costs


spend optimisation

Ability to decouple its business functions from underlying systems - shielded from future changes

With Xaana’s API-led approach, our client is now able to achieve unlimited scalability, allowing them to move beyond a monolithic, legacy landscape to a flexible, modern and future-proof architecture based on microservices.

Our client continues to partner with Xaana to manage its future integrations and SAP Concur upgrades.

Talk today to our Sales team to know how we can help your organization move forward in your Spend Transformation journey.

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