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Case Study

Augmenting the Public Service's Workforce to Deliver Citizen-Focused & Modernised Government Technology

After integrating with Xaana, the public service was able to deliver mission-critical operations in real-time.

Call for change

Lack of an ERP platform comprising essential corporate capabilities

The Australian Public Service faced a complex and aging technology landscape which required modernisation. They wanted a solution which would give improved reporting and data insights while equipping the agencies' tech for the future. After integrating with Xaana, the APS was able to deliver mission-critical operations in real-time.

The APS needed a common platform which would help deliver back-office services. It lacked a digital backbone which would allow it to rapidly collaborate, share and analyse personnel and financial data.

"The Xaana team was there when we needed them and they delivered high-quality work in a short period of time."

- Project Manager

Purpose-Driven Partnership

"Ability to deliver critical operations in real-time and become more proactive, automated, foresighted, data-driven and citizen-focused"

- Project Manager

Layered architecture which boasts security and protects core assets

Xaana deployed a prototype with several APS agencies. Our team aligned technology infrastructure with the APS's digital strategy, built and supported real-time business insights and optimised integrations with critical third-party integrations.

Estimated $70 million in savings through consolidation of core transactional corporate services

The APS expects to bring in $70 million in savings through services such as Finance & HR back-office systems by using Xaana's integration solution. They are now able to become more proactive, automated, foresighted, data-driven and citizen-focused.

Making an Impact


increase in operating efficiency due to touchless processing


reduction in operating costs


spend optimisation

Ability to provide exceptional digital services to the public and better advice to the Government

With Xaana's API-led approach, the APS are now able to fulfill its responsibilities more effectively and efficiently, harness its capabilities which will allow it to deliver functions, drive improvements and continue providing outstanding services.

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