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When there's a Bill,

there's an

Intelligent Way.

Powering Intelligent Spend Automation 
with Deep Learning Vision 

Move beyond RPA and experience the power of APA with ENIGMA  ,

a software solution that adapts, scales, and evolves with you.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the use of software “robots" who perform the same way every time and don’t learn from one repetition to another. AI Process Automation in Enigma   first learns your business processes (acquiring information), improves them (using context and rules) and finally, performs intelligent internal self-correction (learning from successes and failures) to enable immediate action.


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Our AI never stops learning. Corrections made in reviewed documents are remembered and used for immediate future use.
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Pre-trained AI models and our continuous training and maintenance protocols ensure that ENIGMA  stays the most accurate in the market.


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It seamlessly connects to your ERP or other systems quickly and easily with pre-built connectors and standardised REST API integrations.
It seamlessly connects to your ERP or other systems quickly and easily with pre-built connectors and standardised REST API integrations.
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Every government and business has its own way of doing things. ENIGMA  ensures compliance in a variety of ways: technical, tax, legal, and data.


Manual invoice data entry and traditional OCR solutions are slow, expensive, and error-prone. Most importantly, they waste valuable human time and talent. ENIGMA  uses unique deep learning-infused computer vision technology that reads invoices in a way that ensures fast invoice data capture and produces real-time insights with greater accuracy on every use.


One platform, many bills, complete control- our AP and AR solutions embed intelligent decision-making in its heart to power your people to deliver faster, better outcomes.
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Automate all of your invoices. Creating efficiencies across your invoice-to-pay lifecycle⁠.
Propelled by the goal of decreasing payment cycle times & costs - seamlessly process invoices in half the time, with zero paper. It's refreshingly intelligent and designed for convenience and compliance.
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iOCR - AP Automation

Automate capture, recognition, field extraction,
and validation of data
Enigma  's solution makes straight-through processing of PO-based invoices a reality.
It eliminates the costs, errors, and physical work involved in processing invoices.
Automate your procure-to-pay process to gain real-time insights and take control of your cash flow.


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Reduce invoice processing times by 80%, leading to fewer late payments and more opportunities to take advantage of early payment discounts.
Untitled design-53.png
Deliver accurate,
on-time supplier payments by using augmented AI technologies such as machine learning, neural netwoks, and natural language processing.
Untitled design-54.png
Surge cost savings by detecting invoice errors such as fraudulent activity and duplicate invoices before they enter your ERP system.
Untitled design-55.png
Receive documentation from different inputs -  central and distributed locations  providing an end-to-end, smarter, faster accounts payable automated workflow.
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AR Automation

Connect your financial system to ENIGMA  to send digital invoices directly to your customers, irrespective of their service provider or network they use. Automate your order-to-cash process to gain
real-time insights and take control of your cash flow.


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Because time is money, eliminating lengthy manual AR procedures immediately results in savings.
Untitled design-57.png
Simplify company transactions and streamline communication for a better reputation with your consumers.
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No more rejected documents— errors are detected for repair before they reach your clients. Enables real-time response while handling multiple clients and complex systems.
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Offers guaranteed and fixed DSO on all receivables, shaving days off DSO and eliminating delinquency. Eliminate late payments due to disputes and reduce bad debt.

Keep your entire organisation safe and compliant.  Enigma  provides enterprise-level security features and procedures.
• Support ISO, SOC 2 Type 1, and IRAP compliance
• Perform granular role and user control
• Maintain thorough audit trails and records for each document



Aside from the numerous commercial benefits of eInvoicing, each electronic document that goes through our network directly contributes to a more sustainable environment, resulting in a long-term, beneficial effect.

By making the move, your enterprise minimises paper use, eliminates emissions from physical (postal) delivery services, and has the flexibility to manage your business from any location, office, or home.

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Brain-Modelled Data Supremacy

Hybrid Intelligence System:
Empowering Modern Enterprises
with a single source of truth.
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Simplify the Complex:
Achieve Data Supremacy

The environment is more technologically challenging than at any time in history due to knowledge silos and the turf wars they enable within an enterprise. Big data is being harvested in all departments, contributing to an overall unclear vision, disconnected strategy, and painful experiences. Winning against knowledge silos requires an overmatch not by breaking down your operations to treat each like a linear problem but, rather, via a brain-like system that provides a unified vision through data supremacy.


Data supremacy is a comprehensively transformative process that produces qualitative, well-curated, and highly contextual data to enable data literacy and real-time decision precision across the enterprise. There lies an unprecedented need to aggregate and process big data into knowledge for cognitive assimilation and decision-making. And this knowledge must be rapid, accurate, and continuous to enable decision superiority for the evolving, agile, amorphous modern enterprises.

Untitled design-47.png
Presenting Algoreus DataFabriq, which specialises in systems integration and interoperability solutions, with a focus on knitting disparate databases, IOT systems, apps, and platforms together, so each component works together harmoniously, producing insights in real-time and delivering a capability greater than just the sum of its elements.
A Hybrid Intelligence (HI) system that combines the very different processing strengths of Artificial Intelligence and the human brain to result in a symbiotic powerful platform. Think of DataFabriq as the virtual twins of distributed neurons in the brain, linking historically siloed, disconnected systems to power smarter, more informed operations.
Move beyond traditional ESB, ETL, or ELT tools, don’t just connect the applications with the tools (do more than merely connecting the dots), enable bi-directional connection to operational and strategical systems, allowing decisions made in DataFabriq to propagate holistically throughout the data supremacy landscape.
Anything, Filter
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Intelligent Features

Untitled design-62.png
Ingest Anything, Filter Everything
Untitled design-65.png
Escape from Blackbox on all Touch-Points
Untitled design-68.png
Collaborative Data Engineering
Untitled design-71.png
Untitled design-63.png
Peace of Mind in
Mission Critical
Untitled design-66.png
Comprehensive Data Supremacy
Untitled design-69.png
Integration Metadata and Lineage
Untitled design-72.png
Untitled design-64.png
Compute Lightning-Fast
Untitled design-67.png
Born to Scale
Untitled design-70.png
From Cloud 
to Edge
Untitled design-73.png
No-Code and 

Algoreus DataFabriq  Multi-Layered Defense

Untitled design-77.png
With DataFabriq, security and governance are thoughtfully built into every last layer. Our powerful internal defense starts from data to network, cloud, and endpoint edge security.

DataFabriq is trusted by Enterprises for its secure and accountable infrastructure to maximise data-driven decisions while it makes sure that the system completely safeguards an enterprise and always stays in accordance with the rules, regulations, and norms that govern the landscape.

Neuron-like Powerful Performance



DataFabriq stays active 24/7 like the brain with an uptime of near 100%, processing tens of thousands of event triggers per second and supporting a large number of flows in a highly distributed environment. Fine-tune DataFabriq for ultra-high performance usage cases or scale up and down as your enterprises’ needs change.
Triggers like nodes of ranvier are uninsulated and highly enriched in ion channels, allowing them to participate in the nerve conduction in which the information seem to "jump" from one node to the next along the axon.
Leverage DataFabriq ’s sophisticated edge caching technology in the low-latency pipeline for ultra-high-performance use cases for mission-critical enterprises.


Run the system on the cloud, on-premises, or even multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments at an enterprise scale.
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An ML Spawner for Enterprise Capability Force Multiplier

End-to-end create, train, predict, deploy, govern and scale machine learning life-cycle with confidence for mission-critical and future-ready enterprises.

End-to-end ML infrastructure that unlocks cumulative value

Most enterprise teams have varying levels of machine learning expertise, ranging from novice all the way to experts. To accelerate AI innovation through a data-driven decision precision for an overmatch against an adversary, you need a platform that can bring key decision makers, operational staff and data scientists together, offering a seamless yet flexible ML environment. This is where ALGOREUS ML comes in.

It offers a dedicated solution for training a high quality model life-cycle with minimal effort through AutoML or training your case-specific models from scratch with CustomML and even managing those produced by third-parties. We empower enterprise teams to build to protect against model drift and retain a competitive advantage by providing a solution to continuously test, iterate, and retest models before pushing them to systems at the edge. By pushing only quality transmissions, our software frees tactical bandwidth while providing greater strategic value for the strategic and operational chain of command.

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Untitled design-79.png

It provides purpose-built tools to help you automate and standardise processes across the Machine Learning (ML) lifecycle. An ML Spawner that lets enterprises: train, test, troubleshoot, deploy, and govern ML models at scale to boost productivity across all chains of command while maintaining model performance in production with confidence.


It accelerates time to value with industry-leading machine learning operations, open-source interoperability, and integrated tools. The dependable platform is intended for responsible AI applications in machine learning, with fairness and explainability built in. ALGOREUS ML includes built-in governance, security, and compliance for operating machine learning workloads anywhere.

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Intelligent Features

Untitled design-80.png
Automate entire ML lifecycle
Untitled design-65.png
Escape from Blackbox on all Touch-Points
Untitled design-68.png
Collaborative ML Engineering
Untitled design-89.png
Model Monitor & Registry
Untitled design-81.png
MLOps with Confidence
Untitled design-83.png
Deliver Responsible ML Solutions
Untitled design-87.png
Hybrid and Multi-cloud support
Untitled design-90.png
Reinforcement Learning
Untitled design-82.png
Centrally track model management
Untitled design-84.png
Born to Scale
Untitled design-88.png
Enterprise-grade security
Untitled design-91.png
Drag and Drop Interface

Fairness and Explainability by Design in ALGOREUS ML

The adoption of AI systems in regulated domains requires trust, which can be built by providing reliable explanations of the behaviour of trained models and how the deployed models make predictions. Use ALGOREUS Model Interpretability to white-box your model predictions in dashboards so that everyone in your chain of command that makes decisions can use the models with confidence. By detecting potential bias and helping explain the predictions that models make in ALGOREUS. It helps you identify various types of bias in pre-training data and in post-training that can emerge during model training or when the model is in production. It helps explain how these models make predictions using a feature attribution approach. The fairness and explainability functionality provided by ALGOREUS ML offers components that help build less biassed and more understandable machine learning models. It provides tools to help generate model governance reports that you can use to inform risk and compliance teams, and external regulators.


It allows for massive scalability and administration by allowing thousands of models to be supervised, controlled, managed, and monitored for continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment. ALGOREUS ML, in particular, enables more tightly-coupled communication across data teams, decreasing conflict with devops and IT, and boosting release velocity.


With Ml-assisted operating pictures and integrated alert, automation, and AI capabilities, our solutions do not replace but rather augment human strengths. The result is a more capable enterprise, equipped to make more informed and split-second decisions.


Our solutions support edge processing to identify the most relevant information for priority backhaul and enable live model swapping to select the best algorithm respective to dynamic conditions. By pushing only quality transmissions, our software frees tactical bandwidth while providing greater strategic value.

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