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Orchestrate the future of your enterprise with the power of intelligence, trust, and delivery

We help you simplify your business and deliver the transformation you need – by providing our deep knowledge and experience. Additionally, our holistic approach in implementing, supporting and enhancing the TechnologyOne core enterprise suite products helps transforms your business.

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Develop Annual Budgets & Perform Financial Forecasting 

Move beyond the spreadsheets and accelerate your budgeting and forecasting with Xaana's help. Allow your users to take ownership of their budgets with minimal training – using our fully automated, simple and interactive interface.



Implement & Maintain General Ledger & Financial Accounting Structures

Take a fresh look at the chart of accounts in general ledgers. Establish key design guiding principles to elevate and establish your organisation’s foundation for success for TechnologyOne.



Becoming data-driven starts with defining what really matters to the business—in the short and long term—and then creating the data and AI strategy, systems and data culture that empower your whole business to achieve value, faster.



The winning combination for unlocking your Spend management application potential. Xaana helps jumpstart your transformation, innovate and extend your capabilities with preconfigured solutions, accelerators and Technology Platform.



Driven by power of experiences that reignite growth and accelerate the path to value.

Clients trust us to solve their most complex challenges, shaping the future of business and industries. We reimagine the enterprise resource planning.

How clients benefit

Your journey to the cloud begins with us

How client's benefit

The future is built around cloud technology and smart mobile devices

Xaana has assisted many organisations with their migration journeys – migrating platforms, infrastructure and workloads to the cloud.​

We will ensure your cloud adoption is hassle-free, non-disruptive, and enables you to maximise operating performance by leveraging all the benefits of the Cloud ecosystem.

We offer complete suite of solutions and services for the entire cloud life cycle

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Pre-migration assessment & impact analysis

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Cloud migration & transition support

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Post-migration assessment & adoption

How we help
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How we help

Transition to CiAnywhere with us

Whether it’s Hybrid Cloud, Lift-and-Shift, or Cloud First Migration approach you are looking for, Xaana services for TechnologyOne Cloud helps customers migrate from legacy, on-premises environments to CiAnywhere cloud-native storage with minimal business disruption while controlling migration costs and sustaining data protection and regulatory compliance policies.

We enable your users to access your enterprise software from any device, anywhere, at any time. With the power of TechnologyOne Connected Intelligence (Ci) platform you get access to the entire suite of TechnologyOne software and functionality on traditional laptops/PCs while embracing smart mobile devices. We take care of your entire Ci Anywhere adoption journey, with our end-to-end implementation services.



From guiding you to choose the right cloud migration strategy, developing new application processes to renewing your focus on data integrity, business continuity and cost control, we provide advice and help you reorganise and adapt your architecture for cloud deployment, keeping your security and compliance needs in mind.



The migration solutions necessary to bring an enterprise workload into the cloud need to be powerful. We work with your IT teams to identify the storage formats, compute types, databases, and networking services required for migration and then benchmark your on premise solution performance to be compared with your cloud performance once you migrate.



Your current configuration, data, and files are moved to the Cloud and your environment is updated to the latest TechnologyOne software release. Now you and your teams can use the software from a browser on any internet connection.



Our expert digital engineers work with your team to seamlessly orchestrate the cloud environment from a single pane of glass ensuring we keep your data up-to-date and in sync with sources on the premises and in backup locations, causing no interruption of normal business for your workloads. We help you validate the performance of your applications in the cloud.



We work with your business teams to make you ready for the complete CI Anywhere transition, allowing you to take the benefit of what the platform has to offer. We help you launch and deploy your resources with the click of a button. Your business gets access to the latest offerings of CiAnywhere and your IT teams have access to scheduling, monitoring, and alert tools through a single interface.

Our complete package of TechnologyOne Cloud Migration includes discover, planning, data movement, testing/validation, change and project management

Modernising enterprise asset management

Experience the many benefits

Enhance your asset performance with Xaana’s asset management solution for TechnologyOne. We help you create a single solution to manage software, hardware and workplace assets with an asset management capability on the TechnologyOne platform.

Significantly improve the productivity and lifecycle of your organisation’s assets with the TechnologyOne asset management solution. A single solution would allow you to decommission the disparate range of tools that your teams might be using across your organisation, leading to reduced manual effort, improving data quality and providing better visibility with centralised management on asset location and movement.

Enterprise Asset Management also allows you to measure and improve the performance of your assets and enhances your maintenance strategies.

Experience the power of delivery

Your return on investment for your asset management solution directly corresponds with how effectively the solution has been implemented.


Xaana has a proven method and successful track record of implementing enterprise asset management.


We do so by deep diving into your requirements - preparing asset data to be utilised, providing technical support for implementation, testing the solution, migrating asset data into the new solution, and fully integrating the solution with your existing network.

Our pre-built and embedded eInvoice solution for TechnologyOne helps you to digitise your Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Processes and achieve an end-to-end invoice automation capability.

The ready-to-plug in App helps you integrate your TechnologyOne instance to an access point for connecting to the PEPPOL network instantly. 

With Xaana, onboard instantly to the eInvoice solution for TechnologyOne



Xaana supports Access Point  ‘as-a-Service’ that plugs into your existing TechnologyOne systems and scales up to meet your growing business requirements.

The underlying architecture of our solution enhances the capabilities of your accounting teams, improving performance, reliability and availability at all times.



With our app listed on the TechnologyOne app centre, we help you connect to TechnologyOne web services with required authentications.

We ensure all of the data exchanged for eInvoice is sent over secure (TLS) connections running only on HTTPS, and internal network links (between service tiers, databases, and caches) are all encrypted at the transport layer.



Our solution supports all global invoice-formats, generated from your source-data via just one API connection.

Our easy to use RESTful API with OpenAPI 2.0 specification allows you to connect to the PEPPOL network instantly.

One solution, many benefits



Our integrated eInvoice solution helps you receive eInvoices directly into your TechnologyOne and connect you to your ERPs or banking institutes so that master data (vendor, invoice, payment confirmation) is easily replicated.



Our embedded solution in TechnologyOne allows you to extract any required eInvoice data, audit logs and run data analytics supporting low latency reports or customise dashboards. 

We provide a Sandbox developer environment for free testing with many legal entities to test sending and receiving eInvoices.


TechnologyOne Integration

Streamlining financial and operational planning integration

TechnologyOne Integration

Save time and cost

Reducing time on budgeting and forecasting by 63% and 70% respectively. Saving over USD 1 million.


Optimise your forecasts

Create more accurate forecasts and improve your forecasting cycles with built-in predictive and AI capabilities.


Plan continuously

Easily adjust your planning cadence to respond to market events quickly and to plan at the speed your business requires.


Integrate planning streamline collaboration

Break down silos and synchronise planning across business units. Allow operational plants to automatically update financial plans, providing a more holistic view of performance.

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Easily scale

Build for the future, not just today. Easily support your growing data volumes and user needs without impacting performance.


Simple integration

Easily integrate with any of the leading ERPs/GLS, any data source that is ODBC (open database connectivity) compliant and any API.

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Break down planning silos

Collaborate across your organisation

Streamline and automate planning without disrupting your existing business processes

Fast performance, scalability and flexibility. Adopt a planning solution that can grow with you.

From increasing data volumes, numbers of users or planning models, we can scale without impacting performance. Our flexibility allows users to build and change plans based on their business processes.

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Our numbers

We take pride in our numbers

Ou numbers











Supported platforms




world wide

Transactions integrated

Case study
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Case study

Digitally transforming core finance operations to an as-a-service model. Achiveing quantum leap in cost savings, scalability, efficiencies, agility and more.

Xaana + Maritime Case Study

A Value Led Finance Transformation with TechnologyOne + ENIGMA

Xaana helps its Maritime client transform its customer experience through APIfication and cloud transformation.

Take the leap and
Let's build something great together

Talk to our sales team to know how we can help your organisation move forward in your eInvoicing journey.

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