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Amadeus Integration for Concur Travel Request  
Powered by Enigma


Enigma   is Xaana’s AI-driven integration platform for seamlessly connecting Concur Travel Request with the Amadeus Cytric platform.


Why Enigma    ?

Our integrated travel solutions help you with more than just savings.

Our solution helps ensure that your employees make travel decisions according to policies reflecting business needs, safety, and sustainability without worrying about the TMCs or online booking tools.


How it Works:

1. Your Business travellers log in to your Concur Travel request instance to raise a travel request and enter the trip-related booking details.

2. ENIGMA   transits the user data, including the trip reservation details, encrypts it and passes it from your SAP Concur instance to your preferred corporate TMC powered through AMADEUS.

3. Your TMC displays the available options, and the user selects the fares as per the organization’s travel policy limit.

4. Booking information is held with the TMC as per their TMC holding time and the status of the request is changed to “pending for approval”. ENIGMA   syncs this booking information from your TMC with SAP CONCUR

5. Business travellers verify the information passed through the TMC and submit the request for approval to their Line Manager in SAP Concur. Once approved, the travel request status will be updated.

6. This updated status information again passes over from SAP Concur to your TMC via ENIGMA    for trip fulfilment.

7. Your corporate TMC will then fulfil the travel request of your business traveller and issue trip itinerary

8. If the Line manager declines the request, the status is sent back to the TMC and the reservation made will be cancelled.







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