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SAP Concur + eInvoicing 
powered By Enso

Enso is Xaana’s AI-driven integration platform for seamlessly connecting Concur Invoice with the Peppol eInvoicing platform.


Why Enso?

  • Automatically connect to the Enso access point right away to enable Peppol eInvoicing – Xaana is a certified Peppol Service Provider (a Peppol Access Point Provider and Service Metadata Publisher). The Peppol solution is registered with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), and the New Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (NZ MBIE).

  • Become Peppol-capable in a matter of days – Enso provides a pre-developed connection to Xaana’s certified access point, enabling SAP Concur clients to become Peppol-capable in a matter of days.

  • Monitor your traffic – The Xaana-connected access point comes with a built-in dashboard and monitoring solution so you can monitor your Peppol traffic.

  • Tailor the solution to meet your needs – Enso and the connected access point are highly configurable so if you require more validations or visibility, the possibilities are endless.  

When you connect Concur Invoice to Enso, Xaana will register your organisation with Peppol and get your organisation authorised to accept eInvoices in a matter of days.


How it Works:

1.  The PEPPOL eInvoice is transmitted from the supplier’s access point to Xaana’s access point.

2.  At the Xaana access point, the PEPPOL e-invoice is validated against the Peppol Billing BIS 3.0 specifications and any other client specifications.

3.  The Xaana Enso app transforms the PEPPOL eIinvoice into an Intermediate Document (IDoc).

4.  The IDoc is pushed into Concur Invoice, where the invoice will automatically route to the invoice owner and the normal invoice process follows.


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