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Go from fraud detection to fraud prevention. Outsmart tech-savvy Scammers.

Financial services ought to stay ahead of fraudsters to protect customers and prevent fraud losses. 

Consumer adoption of digital channels has accelerated, and fraudsters have followed close behind. Parallel to the accelerated adoption of digital channels by customers, the fraudsters are following them right behind. The expense and difficulty in managing digital fraud are skyrocketing and complex. A study conducted by Juniper Research predicted about $206 billion of online fraud losses from 2021-2025. Meanwhile, as regulators intensify pressure on banks to action, fraud detection and fraud prevention are now a top priority for most financial services.

Blueprint for fraud prevention.

Discover how Xaana creates a real-time, hyper-personalized behavioural fraud solution. This architectural blueprint illustrates how you can prevent fraud, improve your customers’ experience, reduces losses, and elevate business efficiency. 


In our road plan for effective fraud protection, we stretch from creating identity graphs and contextual views of each transaction to executing fraud prediction at scale as well as acting in real time to intervene.

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supported technologies


We’re open, extensible, and integrate with all major cloud platforms and solutions.


Context-rich data is the secret to fraud prevention in real-time and at scale.

To detect and prevent fraud, the context of data over the volume of data is a key differentiating element. Solutions that enable organizations to activate their transactional and behavioural data in real-time can significantly stop fraud before it happens. 

Current fraud prevention strategies are not sophisticated enough to keep up with today's tech-savvy fraudsters. Fraud prevention entails leaving behind reactive, detection-centric fraud solutions that provide a restricted view of transactions and behaviours. The foundation of the future of fraud management is strengthened in context-driven and prevention-focused solutions where decisions are made in a matter of milliseconds


More data in context is the key to enabling fraud prevention in real time and at scale.

Context matters in detecting and preventing fraud. More data isn’t enough. To stop fraud before it happens, organisations need a solution that enables them to activate all relevant data in real time- including transactional and behavioral—to better detect and prevent fraud.


Current solutions for combatting fraud lack the sophistication needed to keep up with tech-savvy fraudsters. Fraud prevention requires leaving behind reactive, detection-centric fraud solutions that provide a limited view of transactions and behaviors. The future of fraud management is in contextually driven, prevention-centric solutions where decisions can be made in milliseconds.

Having trouble activating your transactional and digital

Despite many fraud solutions that are available to help you anticipate bad actors, the question of delivering premium customer service still revolves around the indistinguishable identification between fraudulent transactions and genuine ones. 

A report by ScamAdvisor found an enormous increase in scams to 91% in 2020. At this stage of cybercrime, customers demand financial protection from service providers while delivering a seamless and safe experience. In order to shrink the false positives, it is imperative for organizations to understand each individual’s navigation, moment, and interaction within the digital channels. 


Transform context from fraud detection to fraud prevention.

For blocking fraudsters, it is essential to identify and record profiles of both genuine customers and bad actors in real-time. At Xaana, we are capable of ensuring these solutions with pioneering technology by 


  • Intervening in fraudulent transactions swiftly, therefore reducing fraud losses for clients. 

  • Improving consumer experiences by restricting only fraudulent transactions and not genuine ones. 

  • Reducing overhead and increasing the effectiveness 

  • Addressing new threats while staying ahead of emerging fraud strategies and techniques. 

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