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The people who make it all possible

Our mission

To develop innovative technology solutions that generate new value and meaningfully transforms businesses and societies - now and in the future.

Our mission
Who We Are - Xaana.Ai

Who we are

Experts, Strategists, and Engineers focused on people above all else.

What we do

We assist businesses in tackling their most ambitious projects and developing new capabilities by utilising cutting-edge technologies such as Cognitive Computing and Artificial Intelligence.


Xaana's teams have the freedom to move quickly and do what is best for our clients in 21 markets around the world, making us more personal and nimbler than the conventional consulting firms.


We are deeply committed to assisting you in overcoming your greatest challenges and making your vision a reality.

It's never just about the project at hand with Xaana. It's all about establishing trust and paving the way for long-term success.


We meet you where you are, integrate our people with yours, and share our knowledge along the way.

We deliver alongside you.


We know that technologies can be daunting, business requirements can move quickly and industry upheaval can happen suddenly. We specialise in guiding you across these disruptive changes and help you embrace the risks.

Technology platforms

Our strong partnership and alliance with leading technology providers means we have developed integrated products and solution offerings that maximise your success and returns for your business.

Autonomous process automations

We help organisations automate and redefine traditional business offerings, products, services, and processes across the enterprise by leveraging AI and other technologies like cognitive automation and machine learning that radically elevate business value and fuel outcomes for their customers, employees, and communities.

What we believe in

Diversity & Inclusion - Xaana.Ai

Inclusion & Diversity

As an organisation, we are committed to creating a workplace where everyone feels safe, is diverse and is inclusive. We do so by facilitating open dialogues, hiring diverse talent, and sharing knowledge with one another.

Who we are
What we do
What we believe in
Sustainability - Xaana.Ai


Today, our dynamic global teams are fuelling the future of work. We're inventing new ways for organisations to work and stay compliant all throughout the world, bringing AI to their everyday operations and creating intelligent digital platforms that can adjust to their changing business needs.

Our values

Our Values
Driven - Value 1 - Xaana.Ai
Driven - Value 1 - Xaana.Ai


We work hard and fast, leading by example.

Integrity - Value 2 - Xaana.Ai
Integrity - Value 2 - Xaana.Ai


We act with unwavering honesty and ethics in everything we do.

Results - Value 3 - Xaana.Ai
Results - Value 3 - Xaana.Ai


We let our work do the talking and exceed what's expected.

Keep connected

Keep connected
Join the Team - Xaana.Ai

Join the team

Discover relevant opportunities available across Xaana.

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Stay updated

Learn more about us and get industry insights and perspectives on our blog.

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