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Created with the vision to enable everybody to build data applications seamlessly without worrying about the underlying system: a single source of truth that provides comprehensive data-delivery capabilities and is microservices enabled to allow easy building and scaling of integration applications supporting the entire chain of command within an enterprise.     


FABRIQ is built on three inputs: technology, brain, and integration. That is the ability of the underlying technology to deliver information products about important entities in the surrounding environment, replicating the brain's processing power which drives one’s observation and response, based on the integration between both. 

Move beyond traditional ESB, ETL or ELT tools, experience the power of the strongest stream compute for real-time insights to provide intelligent answers to your most complex enterprise problems.            


The environment is more technologically complex than at any time in history; with big data being harvested across multiple departments and domains every second in an enterprise, a web of interconnected platforms, databases, and applications is common that is extremely difficult to understand, manage and safely change. Data when ‘en masse’, can rapidly result in incorrect interpretation, disorientation, information overload, and decision paralysis. There lies an unprecedented need to aggregate and process this data into knowledge for cognitive assimilation and decision-making. And this knowledge must be rapid, accurate, and continuous to enable decision superiority for the evolving, agile, amorphous modern enterprises. 

Presenting FABRIQ, which specializes in systems integration and interoperability solutions, with a focus on knitting disparate databases, IOT systems, apps, and platforms together, so each component works together harmoniously, producing insights in real-time and delivering a capability greater than just the sum of its elements.


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Ingest Anything

Design, run and  operate on high-volume of data pipelines periodically with support for all data sources, including file systems and IoT, object stores, relational and NoSQL databases, SaaS systems, and mainframes directly into CDC. 


Compute Everything

FABRIQ’s engine is built for streaming and extended for batch, designed to run and increase smart stateful computations over data streams by many folds. Able to compute on the go and thereby process data streams with high throughput at low latency. 


Collaborative data engineering

FABRIQ offers the ability to create an internal library of custom threads, and transformations that can be validated, shared, and reused across an organisation.


360 Monitoring


FABRIQ offers alerts on node failure, performance monitoring of both nodes and entire clusters, and cluster life cycle management and control. It provides a complete view of the state of the infrastructure and ensures the reliability and stability of the services. 


Integration metadata and lineage

Search integrated datasets by technical and business metadata. Track lineage for all integrated datasets at the dataset and field level. It helps detect the root cause of bad data events and perform an impact analysis before making data changes.


Seamless operations

REST APIs, time-based schedules, pipeline state-based triggers, logs, metrics, and monitoring dashboards make it easy to operate in mission-critical environments

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Comprehensive integration toolkit

Built-in threads to a variety of modern and legacy systems, code-free transformations, conditionals and pre/post processing, alerting and notifications, and error processing provide a comprehensive data integration experience


Hybrid enablement

Provides the flexibility and portability required to build standardised data integration solutions across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Born To Scale

As the number of your Data Sources and the volume of your data grows; FABRIQ scales horizontally and vertically by intelligently auto-scaling to handle millions of records per minute with very little latency. This ensures the long-term viability of your enterprise


Edge Computing

While cloud computing drove the creation of mega data centres, edge computing in FABRIQ brings distributed IT with an exponential number of micro data endpoints by caching, buffering, and optimising the data close to the edge of the network, allowing for a faster response for streaming data. 


FABRIQ’s system design resembles the brain’s fractal scaling by building an intricate system that has the ability to evolve with more learning sets though adaptive learning. It is continually tested for novel complex problems in a self-organizing manner without the need for re-programming. 


Integration metadata and lineage

Search integrated datasets by technical and business metadata. Track lineage for all integrated datasets at the dataset and field level.  FABRIQ data lineage helps detect the root cause of bad data events and perform an impact analysis before making data changes.

FABRIQ’s engine is built for streaming and extended for batch, designed to run and increase stateful computations over data streams by many folds. It is able to compute on the go by operating in a highly-available mode without a single point of failure and exactly-once state consistency guarantees. It uses checkpoints to tolerate failure and intelligently recovers by replaying the incoming data stream. in its exceptional memory management.

Defence in every layer

With FABRIQ, security and governance is thoughtfully built into every last detail. Like integrating external applications, browsing the web and choosing to share data. If something seems off, like a bad app or a harmful link, we'll alert you and give you tips on what to do next. And our powerful internal security guards your device and data. So that you stay protected, even when you’re not using your phone.

At Xaana, we're committed to helping organizations protect privacy, strengthen trust in how they use information and experience the potential of a great and safe technology. 

FABRIQ's security model, world-scale infrastructure, and unique capability to innovate will help keep your organization secure and compliant.

Define gateways that harden over time through feedback loops.

Establish smart, secure perimeters

Enforce global policies, apply                                  best practices across the API
lifecycle,  and monitor
for compliance.

Embed security by default
Protect sensitive data

Automatically detect and tokenise sensitive data in transit to ensure confidentiality. Get alerts when sensitive information — such as PII, PHI and credit card data — is in API payloads. 

Create a private instance,
which can be peered with the
respective VPC network.
Private instances have a private IP
address and are not exposed to
the public internet. 

Network-based control

FABRIQ web UI supports authentication mechanisms supported by the console, with access controlled through Identity and Access Management.

Control ingress and egress
by setting the appropriate
firewall rules on the customer
VPC on which the pipeline
is being executed.

Firewall rules
Key storage

Passwords, keys, and other data are securely stored in FABRIQ and encrypted using keys 

By default, data is encrypted at rest using encryption keys, and in transit using TLS v1.2. You can use your own managed encryption keys too to control the data written by pipelines. .

Access control

RBAC-enabled support managing access via Identity and Access Management. When building a production application, only grant an identity the permissions it needs to interact with applicable FABRIQ’s APIs, features, or resources

Service accounts

The pipelines execute in clusters in the customer project, and can be configured to run using a customer-specified service account.

Edge Security

Construct layers of defence with rapidly configured enterprise-grade Edge gateways. Prevent OWASP Top 10 attacks using a policy-driven architecture that can be deployed in minutes.

Automatic hardening

Automatically detects API attacks, escalates them to the perimeter, and enhances security with a learning system that adapts as new threats emerge.

Automated policies

Enforce standardised policies across environments, audit deployed policies for compliance, and bridge the gap between security and DevOps teams 

Automatic tokenisation

Meet compliance requirements faster with a simple, format-preserving tokenisation service that protects sensitive data while supporting downstream dependencies 

Standardise access

Establish standard API patterns for authentication and authorisation and make patterns available to promote reuse instead of writing new insecure code.

Neuron-like Performance of FABRIQ


Scalable, available and dependable

Provides near 100% uptime, processes tens of thousands of event triggers per second, and supports a large number of servers in a highly distributed environment. Fine-tune FABRIQ for ultra-high performance usage cases and scale up or down as your company's needs change.

Extra low-latency

Leverage FABRIQ’s sophisticated edge caching technology in the low-latency datamart for ultra-high-performance use cases. Handle more data on the same hardware or use less hardware than other options, reducing costs.

High availability and guaranteed delivery

Ensure failover without a loss of scalability with FABRIQ’s active-active clustering model. Share workload between applications while maintaining transient state information with in-memory data-grid to provide bulletproof reliability. Manage clusters easily from enterprise management console, much like individual server groups

Flexible portability

Run the system on the cloud, premises, or even multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments at an enterprise scale.

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