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Data & Analytics

Unlock your competitive advantage as we wake up with real-time visualisation and value integration of applications. 

At Xaana, we leverage data through analytical solutions and ensure your business performance and decision-making improves significantly so you can be remarkable at what you do.

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Simplify your Data

Envision a continuous flow of streamlined analytics that make your business decisions far more reliable, innovative and insightful. Data analytics in conjunction with AI has created a whole new arena of possibilities and opportunities by eliminating data silos and improving organizational performance. Although data impacts most business processes, the quality of this data can deteriorate the entire ecosystem if not managed well.

At Xaana, our machine-based AI solutions help retain your data’s integrity, synthesise information from multiple sources into a robust insight and maximise output from existing applications. We tailor make our deliverables to suit both important and urgent priorities of your business. Furthermore, we optimize data density to help you make sense out of its scalable and exploratory functions to reduce your risk and increase your productivity.  

Data Simplification - Xaana.Ai

Our Data & Analytics capabilities

Data transformation

Data is the epicentre of everything an organisation aspires to achieve. Make your data communicate value to your business. 


The mighty analytics, automation and AI leverage data from every generation and data from every organisation. 

Search and content analytics

Discover the value of unstructured data that sleeps in the form of text, images, voice etc with search analytics and machine learning. 

Analytics as a service

We know analytics, you know your business. Our priority is a seamless integration of both our expertise so as to solve your complex business problems. 

Machine Learning

Unique architecture that empowers Machine Learning to process data for producing meaningful and innovative outputs.

Business Process Services

Reinventing data solutions by delivering sustainable and intelligent processes with appropriate support. 

Data & Analytics:

The foundation of your AI journey

A data analytics driven strategy is monumental for business transformation. With our help, establish a strong and responsible practice that sets you up for growth.

Data & Analytics Strategy - Xaana.Ai

Data and analytics strategy

Capitalizing on our data-driven approach, we aim to map out analytical initiatives for you so you can quantify your business outcomes. 

Data Discovery & Augmentation Strategy - Xaana.Ai

Data discovery and augmentation

We bring you 360-degree customer views by augmenting your assets with third-party data and predictive analytics.

Data Management - Xaana.Ai

Data management and beyond

In addition, we not only synthesize data into meaningful information but also manage, govern and monetize your complaint-rich stats. 

Data Democratisation - Xaana.Ai

Data democratisation

We acknowledge non-technical management and therefore embrace user-friendly tools to facilitate your AI journey of Data-based decision making.

Industrialised Solutions - Xaana.Ai

Industrialised solutions

We provide a combination of analytics and Ai solutions for common problems as well as complex challenges pertaining to your business specifically.

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