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Xaana.Ai is a sophisticated technical partner that provides artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions for critical Australian government platforms and data types. We set the commercial standard, lead the market, and apply those capabilities to our federal work.

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Transforming the narrow focus on technology-driven solutions


Balancing data across Defence

Achieving a data workforce balance of public service, defence force and industry personnel



Misalignment with other Government departments, Five Eyes & best practice standards


Access to enterprise-wide data

Inability to search across the enterprise for data assets


Data Literacy

Low data literacy

Defence faces many challenges in lifting its data maturity. Defence is a large, diverse organisation that undertakes many different functions, from the warfighter to the policy officer to the industry service provider in the regions.

Due to Defence’s size and diversity we could easily take a view that enterprise-wide data coordination and management is too hard and too complex, and will not deliver real benefits. However, to truly leverage the potential of its data assets and exploit the opportunities it presents, it requires the ability to access data across the Whole-of-Defence.

Defence’s current approach to data management is fragmented. With good intent, Groups and Services have been pursuing independent approaches to data management in the absence of dedicated enterprise-level leadership and governance. This has resulted in the development of ad hoc standards, policies, and practices, and a narrow focus on technology-driven solutions.

It has also sometimes manifested in an unwillingness to share data across Groups and Services and a lack of trust outside our immediate work area. The absence of a Defence-wide approach to data management and sharing has limited our capacity to know what data Defence holds, where it is, how to access it and whether it is of sufficient quality to provide a reliable evidence base for decisions.

This has unfortunately led to large volumes of data being collected that may be of negligible value, cannot be reused, is often duplicated and is stored insecurely.


Deployment ready

Xaana is committed to partnering with the Australian government and technology leaders to modernise federal agencies, ensuring Australian investments in AI lead to successful deployments of new technologies.


Data Integration

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Decision Advantage

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transactions integrated in the past year


countries world-wide


supported platforms

Xaana offers an event driven architecture adoption in the data integration practice. It can enable Defence to decouple the data architecture and eliminate service dependencies to build business logic faster, facilitate rapid deployment with highly scalable event-driven architecture that is resilient in design and adaptive to changes in the data platform.

Completely decouple your architecture and eliminate inter-service dependencies so developers can build business logic faster. Build a new class of highly scalable event-driven microservices that are resilient in design and contextually aware.



The term ‘digital transformation’ can mean different things to different organizations. At the most basic level, oftentimes we might consider digital transformation to be a move of processes, operations and tools from a traditionally offline environment to a digital one.

Yet, digital transformation can be anything from setting up a mobile app, site or processes – to re-formatting and digitally enabling an entire enterprise.

When we think about a digital transformation with data specifically, it’s digital enablement and enhancement across a business, delivering value through greater understanding, alignment and actioning of digital and offline data.

For that reason, a digital data transformation is not limited to traditionally offline brands. In fact, as it works to bring fragmented data points and platforms together across an organization’s wider ecosystem – on and offline – a digital data transformation creates a clear overview of how to enhance and expand and see greater value – even for brands who are already online.


Today, we live in a world where everyone, from brands to consumers, engages across increasingly fragmented channels and platforms. In-store, on mobile, social media – as marketers we have ever-expanding options to connect with consumers, and access to greater volumes of consumer data than ever before. The goal for all brands is to understand how to align all that growing data in real-time, across all sources and platforms – to know how to use it to inform and transform. With the right planning, platform integration and data strategy, that’s exactly what a digital transformation with data delivers.

From highlighting how and where to move to drive exceptional, relevant customer experiences, to knowing how to streamline internal operations, or adjust product – that data holds the key to growth.


A true digital transformation with data will work to implement and refine the right, unified tools, data strategy, data management, process and analytics to enable that accurate data insight – aligning and refining on and offline data to support intelligently informed decision-making across the business.

Of course, as every organization will have different goals, priorities and ambitions, no two processes will be the same – as each organization will have different starting points and technologies in place for a digital transformation.

The information below will outline key considerations, common objectives, benefits, and use cases for implementing a digital transformation with data across a business. 

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