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Application Integration

One of the most pervasive challenges for any organisation is integrating and connecting to new platforms with their pre-established process networks. Often, organisations fail to fully automate and optimise their business processes without proper systems integration.

Xaana specialises in application integration through its pioneering streaming technology that ensures low latency, high throughput, and ease of information exchange amidst complex connectivity of enterprise applications.  

Seamless application integration 

We lead by setting the standard of global best practices for integrating SaaS, on-premises, and cloud applications by utilising some of the most advanced AI-driven connectors; providing end-to-end integration and enabling organisations to optimise their most essential business functions by leveraging custom workflows, seamless data exchange, AI-driven automation, and flexible mapping. 

We help organisations automate and redefine traditional business offerings, products, services, and processes across the enterprise by leveraging our pre-built Solutions that are based on advanced technologies like AI, cognitive automation, and machine learning that radically elevate business value and fuelling outcomes for their customers, employees, and communities.


Our strong partnership and alliance with leading technology providers mean we have developed integrated products and solution offerings that maximise your success and returns for your business.


The integration accelerator enables Xaana to easily integrate with third-party systems so that clients can use all the necessary information to make quick decisions based on market changes.

Application Integration-Xaana.Ai

Explore our Pre-Built solutions

ABAP configured Accounts Receivable e-invoice embedded in SAP ECC and SAP Concur

Process Automation with Workflow Management across SuccessFactors 

Full lifecycle management of enterprise APIs (Event-Based Integration) Sensing and responding to business events

Payment Gateway Integration with Stripe and Paypal; converting the legacy data landscape to a next-generation data warehouse 

Our embedded integration App for SAPConcur S4/HANA and SAP ECC instantly fits in your technology stack, connecting your enterprise applications, and accelerating growth while saving you engineering resources. 

Our embedded state-of-the-art PEPPOL app for SAP Concur is infused with Augmented Intelligence to digitise inbound and outbound invoices and provide predictive analytics and a dashboard. 

Xaana leverages AI-driven Integration and Automation Platform to unify the power of global giants SAP Concur and Amadeus, digitally transform employee experience, and enhance the efficiency of Travel and Expense options 

Explore the powerful features


Cutting-edge technologies driving value and differentiation through Pre-built  use cases, and data


Go beyond standardising IT processes to truly automate business processes 


Securely connect to 

Cloud, on-prem databases ERP, and legacy applications


Intuitive, modern analytics and visualisations for IT and business users

Enterprise Emphasis

A fully cloud-native architecture that is built for scale and speed significantly reducing operating footprint and overall costs.

Commercially Flexible

Choose the commercial model of your choice that suits you best


Scaling to Freedom

Xaana's platform offers an elastic, on-demand platform powered by Amazon Web Services for deploying and managing hybrid, on-premises, and cloud-to-cloud integrations.
With our fully customizable and sophisticated integration capabilities, we can scale and perform in the most demanding environments, accommodating rapidly growing and changing endpoints.

  • Better return on investment (ROI) over a three-year period, our solutions help you recover the setup and ongoing cost with six months of deployment.

  • Reducing integration development times leading to an increased efficiency value 

  • More savings by retiring previous integration solutions

Deploy futuristic application connectivity and operate your business in a seamless landscape

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We'll help you turn your processes into seamless digital experiences.

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